Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Day Five: Jarrah-Will-Be-Up-In-Ten-Minutes List

Today, Jane and I had a special girly day. Sigh. I LERVE special girly days. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked that my daughter is turning out to be a jock. But give me drinks with umbrellas and glitter on my toenails any day, and I'll be happy.


1. My friend Lix (that's her nickname) called from Basel, Switzerland while I was finishing my coffee, and made me laugh, like she always does. Hi, Lix!

2. I had printed out two coupons that entitled Jane and I to be encased in hot oil and wax from head to toe, draped in organic seaweed, buffed to a high shine, and decorated with flowers, all for the low, low price of $29. I might be lying about the seaweed, but JUST the seaweed.

3. The pedicure chairs were massage thrones, and four gals gave our calluses a sound thrashing while we talked and talked and talked some more. A butch-looking guy across the room was getting his toes painted red and smiling from ear to ear. My sentiments exactly.

4. Feeling super-naughty, I called Jarrah's preschool and asked if she could stay for "after care" today. Per usual, the director responded "Not a problem."

5. With our toenails sparkling in the sun, we headed for the Nordstrom Cafe, where we ordered one of everything on the menu and talked and talked and talked some more.

6. Still sparkling and now pleasantly full, we felt up some Nordstrom couture and made each other guess how much. (One sundress was $4,000! I'm no longer comfortable buying anything that isn't from Target.)

7. At Sephora, we tried: mascara with names like Skyscraper and Bad Gal, super-cool blush that goes on like deoderant, and white eyeshadow (just call me "eye-curious") while being treated like fancy ladies (weekdays at Sephora must be slow.) By the time we left, I had one white eye, one rose-coated hand, and a new eyelash curler.

8. See's Candies gives you a free piece just for walking in the door. And we only wanted one piece.

9. Have I mentioned there was a lot of talking?

10. When we picked up Jarrah, she asked Jane to visit the "jungle" with her (a fenced-off pile of dirt behind some bushes where I think they're putting in a new water main) and pointed out where all the animals live, including the "hippy-pom-uh."

Readers, what do you do on your special girly days?


Cheri said...

I went with two friends to see The Other Boleyn Girl and ate an entire bag of movie popcorn. I loved the movie despite that I had the ending figured out from the start. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have tagged along for the pedicure and snazzy lunch! Miss you tons! xxx Lix

Anonymous said...

I engage in construction projects :) I'm on my way to New Mexico in a few days to do the first stages of building an 8x16' shed. What could be girlier than that? Sarah

Caroline said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Girly days (sounding it out), girl-ee dayzzz. Hmmm, rings a bell. They're few and far between here, alas. Mostly I have solo "me" days where Russell watches the boys, and I go shopping and to a movie or something. I also like to paint (rooms, that is). ;)

Every once in a while, however, I get to go to fabulous restaurants in downtown San Diego with a wonderful friend, and then snarf mass quantities of chocolate at Extraordinary Desserts. :)

Martha said...

What girly days??? (rolly eyes)

I'd settle for doing a few errands kid free.