Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 30: List about Lists

I think tomorrow I will reflect grandiosely on the profound experience of blogging lists for 31 days, so today I will reflect on lists in general.

I have started many lists that did not get finished this month. And I have contemplated many lists I couldn't even begin.

For instance, while I love Jennifer's idea of "Guilty Pleasures," I got as far as:

1. Reading trashy mags with no redeeming social value.

Then I realized I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. I'm not sure I have guilty pleasures. Guilt, yes, I've got by the truckload. But not with pleasure attached.

I also love Mary's idea "Things I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Doing."

1. Going to Chuck E. Cheese.

Oops, already did that. Like a dozen times. So clearly when I'm caught dead I will be in the middle of most of the things I swore I'd never do.

I also love Joan's idea of "Cultural Misunderstandings Between Myself and My Australian Husband." But while I can vaguely remember...

1. Being confused when he said some computer software was "stuffed" (translation: broken)
2. Not knowing what he was talking about when he said "alu-MIN-yum"
3. Smiling every time he calls (to this day) ketchup "sauce"'s been a long time since I've had a jarring cultural misunderstanding with him (or maybe just a long time since I've been able to remember one.) After 10 years together, he's more American and I'm more Australian (and we're both more Chinese.)

Miss J suggested Sei Shonagon, and though my rainy Sunday morning brain couldn't get a list out of it, I did have a fascinating hour reading translations from the The Pillow Book. Thanks, Miss J! And in breaking news, here's "What's Under Our Couch Cushions:"

1 cheddar bunny
1 knitting needle point protector
1 hair-covered sticker featuring Yi Yi from Ni Hao, Kai Lan

Not bad for two couches, huh?

Cheri and Jenn, I am going to save "What I Love About David and Jarrah" for my long, bloviated posts--don't want to strip the mines just yet!

Caroline, I got started on "The Second Shelf of My Pantry," then scared myself by how fascinating I found it. "By gum, it's an ethnographic wonderland! Why DO I have two unopened bottles of Sweet Chili Sauce? Some unrealized yearning from childhood?"

In no particular order, here are some other lists that never got off the ground.

"Classic Movie Lines"

1. "Yo, wastoid! You can't blaze up in here!"

(E.C. if you can guess this one. I had it mounted above my desk when I worked in a law firm one summer. All the lawyers walked by and read it aloud, pronouncing it "WAHS-toid." I decided that lawyers have a vowel problem.)

And that was all I could remember.

"What I Thought I'd Be When I Grew Up"

1. A waitress at Coco's. (I really liked the faux-Bavarian dirndl frocks they wore.)
2. A secretary (according to my mom, because "all they do all day is paint their nails.")
3. An artist (I wasn't picky about what kind.)
4. A psychiatrist (because my dad said I could get paid for chatting with people.)

Then I got depressed.

And the ever-popular "7 Random Facts About Me:"

1. My first major in college was Religion. It lasted a semester.
2. My Hebrew name is Etta.

Then I realized that this whole blog is random facts about me, and there are precious few left that I haven't milked in the extreme. I couldn't even think of five more that you didn't already know.

Thank you, Dear Readers!


Cheri said...

Can I have your Hebrew name, please?

One more list and WE ARE DONE!

Look for mine tomorrow, dear Sam, you're sure to be a star in that one.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite list of all! :)

I so know that movie quote -- it's from "The Breakfast Club" of course! Like all the other John Hughes movies ("Pretty in Pink," "Ferris Beuller," "Some Kind of Wonderful"...), I hold it responsible for giving me a completely wrong-headed view of relationships when I was an impressionable teenager. (You mean that pot-smoking, raggedy-shirt wearing, abusive-father having, school-failing, kinda violent, super-cute high school rebel guy DOESN'T really have a heart of gold and is actually going to treat me like crap???? Hey!)

:) Lix

Caroline said...

I could almost hear the voice saying that quote and knew that I knew it, but I had to look it up. The funny part? Your blog was the number one result on Google for the quote! :)

Anonymous said...

No, thank YOU, Sam. It's been a treat to look forward to your posts each day!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm getting the sense that the list thing may be reaching it's natural terminus!

Anonymous said...

Breakfast Club & I know that not b/c I read the other comments but b/c I live with & love a lover of John Hughes movies & all things 80s. If fact, her nickname is Duckie (E.C. for naming that one).

And, my dearest Sam, everyone who reads your blog has no doubt you could make a living at this writing thing.