Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 19: The 3-Year Checkup

Nearly three months.
How long I waited after Jarrah's actual third birthday to schedule this appointment.

"You're getting so tall--like Daddy!"
What Jarrah said when she saw us in the reflection of the building.

About 15 minutes.
How long it took us to find the office, after a sign on our usual door read "If you are seeing Dr. Dern today, go to our other office, behind the building, near the fountain." After two steep hills, two decoy fountains, two elevator rides, two sudden entrances upon the same snack bar in the wrong building, a return to the original office to announce "I'm not very bright" and a final very steep staircase, we made it, both of us sweating.

Two--one of them chewed.
The number of books in this new office's waiting room, which had already made a bad impression with its camouflage skills.

96 and 71.
Jarrah's height and weight percentile, respectively. Wahoo!

95 over 51.
Jarrah's blood pressure. "Is that normal?" I yelped to the nurse. "Absolutely, ma'am" she said. It took a while, because Jarrah had trouble with the concept that the cuff was "giving her a nice hug."

All of them.
The number of "Milestones for 3 years" on the list that Jarrah has mastered. Some of them required an interview: "Jarrah, what is a spoon for?" "Jarrah, what do you do with a ball?"

Performance anxiety.
After I quizzed Jarrah from the list, she took it from me and said "Now go sit over there." I moved across from her, then she said "Now hop on one foot, and skip at same time." I made an attempt, and she exclaimed "Very good! Now what you use cup for?"

"Dr. Dern, I got cactus in my finger."
How Jarrah greeted the good doctor as she entered the room.

Comparable to my pinky nail.
The size of the chunk of ear wax that Dr. Dern pried from Jarrah's ear with a long, pokey instrument. And Jarrah actually let her do the other side.

Looked in both my ears and pronounced them "full of ear boogies."
What Jarrah did when Dr. Dern left the room, while we were waiting for the hearing test.

Her hearing test. Maybe the ear wax removal gave her an edge. She's too young for the eye test, apparently. Next year.

I had read on-line that the 3-year check has no shots, but I was wrong. She needed the second Hep A booster.

Why I'm a genius.
When the nurse was preparing the injection, I said to Jarrah with a big smile, "You're going to feel a big pinch, and then I want you to say 'OW!' as loud as you can!" When the needle went in, Jarrah looked shocked and wailed "Owwww!"

"Excellent!" I shouted. "That's exactly how you do it." She never cried, but on the way to the car, she said "'Member how you said 'Say ow' and then I said ow? I was good at that."


Type (little) a said...

You ARE a genius. That was an awesome idea

Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear everythig went well. Thanks for the heads-up for Linda's visit next year. I know it wil be more of a fight with Linda. I'll try your approach with the shot.

Robyn said...

I'm glad everything checked out O.K. at her visit! She's already perfect on height, weight, and milestones! Who could ask for anything more?

I was a huge producer of ear wax myself. I had to be flushed out with a water-pik every year or so. I hope Jarrah's wax was a one time thing...although the ear wash did make me all dizzy, which wasn't all bad. Jared needs his 3 year well check, too. I can't wait to see what sort of injury he'll invent when the doctor walks in the room. Maybe he'll tell the doctor about how he collided with his brother this week and got the wind knocked out of him. While we were headed up the stairs to check on him (he had only cried once really loudly and then SILENCE!) we heard a super loud THUNK. Like a 35 pound person falling over and making no attempt to stop himself. Because that's what happened. He PASSED OUT! It felt like it took a year to get up 12 stairs but by the time I got up there he was already waking up. He was blankly staring at me like "what the hell am I doing on the floor?!? and WHY are you here??" Horrifying. His lips were bluer than blue. If I never see either of my children unconscious again it will be too soon. I should write my own blog about this one. This may be just the story to start with! Or with which to start...whatever.

Hugs to you all!


Chinazhoumom said...

Glad all checked out!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Glad everything went well--make sure you have an after visit ice cream on the menu for the 5 year old visit--that's the one where they're basically a pincusion!

Cheri said...

This is a great list!!!!

You are a genius with the shot thing. And she's a genius too. I keep sayin'. The universe knew what the heck it was doing when it matched the two of you.

Jenn said...

Fantastic idea! I am going to remember it when i need it soon. Did you get fro yo afterwards?

Hugs, Jenn

Anonymous said...

"Now what you use cup for?"

That is so classic!

Just loved this one!



Jennifer said...

Love, love, love this post! You are a genius for sure with that "say OW" idea!
Thanks for the link to the prepared meals site!! That was sweet of you to pass it along!