Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day Twelve: Don't You Forget About Me

Top 13 Signs I Went to High School (and College) in the '80s:

1. About my boyfriend in England, I said "he looks just like John Taylor from Duran Duran!" and meant that as the highest compliment.

2. I typed all my papers on a Smith-Corona typewriter with a "correction cartridge." Not many corrections got made. Easier to justify that the first choice is always the best choice.

3. The first time I shopped for a Madonna album, her records were categorized under "Soul."

4. Yeah, pretty much everything about #3.

5. Guys with feathered hair were totally hot.

6. When I really dressed up, I wore my neon trout earrings, which were three inches long.

7. My favorite movie was The Big Chill, though I couldn't imagine what those people were so bummed about.

8. I wore Dolphin shorts, even though they left half my ass out in the breeze.

9. My "desert island" foods were pineapple pizza, Chipwiches and Dr. Pepper.

10. Smoking cloves was SOOOOO cool.

11. Four different times, my first kiss with a guy was on the ride Innerspace at Disneyland.

12. A really, really fun day with friends meant going to see a horror movie at the mall, hanging out in the food court with huge combs in our back pockets, and getting our ears double-pierced.

13. I hoped and prayed that when I fell in love, it would be as meaningful as in a John Hughes movie.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We so must be the same age!

Cheri said...

This list is PRICELESS! I totally had Dolphin shorts too.

Sam, your number 11 is literary genius.