Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day Sixteen: The Horror, The Horror

So, Cheri and Jenn recently posted what's in their purses, the description (and glossy color photos) of which have shown me I need purse rehab. Here is a list of what's in my purse at the moment. And a couple photos, carefully chosen to minimize nausea.

(all coated in a fine dust of Goldfish crumbs)

--clean tissues
--dirty tissues (more of those)
--chewed wads of gum wrapped in gum wrappers (hey, at least I don't litter!)
--non-descript tan wallet, bulging with receipts, change, membership cards, and not a single bill
--a black leather business card holder containing my Nia business cards (no laughing)
--a tiny yellow leather photo holder with two photos of Jarrah, both over a year old
--Carmex (can't live without it)
--Covergirl Clean pressed powder (ditto)
--Clinique lipstick in Tenderheart (from a friend's "gift with purchase")
--quilted sunglass case, purchased for $3 at craft sale
--sunglasses from Target (part of the faux-Tortoise-shell finish stripped by nail polish remover)
--tiny child-proof bottle of Advil (can't live without that, either)
--Visine tears (ditto)
--grocery list from last week
--cell phone in knitted Techno-Cozy from Stitch n Bitch
--hand sanitizer in a tiny pump
--packet of restaurant crayons
--Children's Motrin tablets
--Waterbabies sunscreen stick
--take-out menu
--tube of Neutrogena hand cream (empty)
--black velvet scrunchie from the swap meet

What does this list say about me, Readers? Or shouldn't I ask?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It screams "Mom!" to me!

smittenknitten said...

Compared to mine it says you have a very tidy pocketbook. And a very nicely knit cell phone case :).

Caroline said...

I'm with smittenknitten. That sounds amazingly tidy and sane to me! I do love the fine dust from Goldfish crackers, bit. I don't know the last time I carried them in my purse, but little bits of those guys tag along with me everywhere I go, too.

Cheri said...

What this list says to me is that you have two pictures of Jarrah in your wallet, which means that one of them should be autographed and sent to me. Don't you remember that I won it fair and square? Still waiting for my prize . . .

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the part about the Goldfish cracker dust! I can one up you on the mom purse...dirty socks! YUCK! My friend and I have started a list, "You know you're a mom when...” I would like to see your list.

Jen said...

Loved this post! Though I don't technically carry a purse, I can totally relate, especially to the goldfish dust part.

Can we have a post about what you found underneath and between your couch cushions next? I would love to compare notes on that!

My favorite part was the thought bubble by the little knitted number. ;-)

Miss J

Sam said...

@Cheri: Oooh, ya caught me!

@Anon: I have the dirty socks! Pink, size 3T! I must confess I left that off because it seemed just TOO revolting.

@Miss J: The thought bubble was there so you guys could compliment me on my knitting. ;)

Jen said...

Which is indeed very impressive!

;-) Thanks for sharing it.