Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 23: Spring Shout-Out to Some of Our Peeps

I got a package from my Secret Blog Pal! And she is a Mistress of Stitchery, as you can see from the Phabulous Photos of Jarrah and I in our MATCHING MONOGRAMMED APRONS! And my SBP couldn't have known that Jarrah and I just had our first successful Joint Baking Venture a couple of days ago--we made banana muffins, and I swear all I had to do was put them in the oven! In future, we will be baking together in Matchy Style. As icing on the polka-dotted cake, she also included a monogrammed back pack for Miss J--all the better to haul her Beanie Babies wherever she goes! Many thanks, SBP!

Today we had an egg hunt and yummy brunch in Jessica's backyard. I know what you're thinking: what's a nice Jewish girl like me doing celebrating Easter? I'll tell you what I'm doing: eating the first leavened brunch foods on this particular holiday in my entire adult life. (Passover is late this year.) And mighty fine leavened foods they were, too. But never fear--the bacon was turkey. Many thanks to Jessica and her family for a perfectly lovely event.

The theme of today's list: Sweet, Adorable and Yummy Things:

This is our first official iris of spring.

Jarrah modeling her adorable SBP gear.

Jarrah and Mommy gettin' a little jiggy with oven mitts.

Adding a little of that ol' razzle-dazzle.

Olivia showing Jarrah her Easter basket--I am very excited about the pink Gerber daisies, the pink Peeps, and the seeds. Jarrah was all about the chocolate. Check out her hand-smocked Australian gown, a gift two years ago from Nana and Granddad. It finally fits!

And the hunt is on!

Getting the hang of this egg thing. At one point, Jarrah discovered a chewed doggie tennis ball and was about to stuff that in her basket along with the eggs.

Can you resist these pink chicks? I can't. And doesn't my husband take a nice photograph?

Some of the fabulous booty.

A full basket means a successful hunt.

Hunting eggs is tiring--time for some Belgian waffles with fresh fruit compote. (Jessica is an incredible cook!)

A big hug after a refreshing dip in the kiddie pool.

Awwww. I can't stand it.


Type (little) a said...

I cannot believe that she is the same red-cheeked chubby baby you came home from China with.

She just melts my heart. And you two are beyond adorable in those aprons.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Too cute. Happy Easter.

smittenknitten said...

Look at you two in your aprons! Thank you for celebrating with us today. We had a great time and those are some great pictures!


Cheri said...

Jarrah got so tall! Or you got short.

Happy Easter you turkey-bacon eatin' hot Jewish mama!

Mary and Paul said...

Watch out Cute!


Glad you had a nice day!

Love the dress!



Jen said...

Oh, those aprons! What adorable pictures, every one of them.

How exciting about the leavened baked goods, too. ;-)

Miss J

Anonymous said...

So glad you liked the aprons... I can't take the credit for them. I only WISH could be that talented...

They come from a wonderful store called:
burp itty burp

They do the best!!!!



Sam said...

@Type: Aw shucks, now I have a little tear in me eye. It is amazing how much she's changed in two years, isn't it???

@SBP: It's like a celebrity has visited my blog! :) Thank you so much for the fabu gifts! Now I understand about the burp itty burp. I thought that was you! :)