Friday, March 07, 2008

Day Seven: What She Said

1. Jarrah and her friend Yea-Yea got matching dinos (and completely adorable dino "food"--thanks, Jessica!) at Build-A-Bear last night. Asked by the stuffer lady what she planned to name hers, without hesitation: "T. Rex Brown."

2. On the way home from school today: "Do you love me like a song?"

3. Picking the blueberries out of her scone: "I don't like these new kind of raisins."

4. In her bath: "Soap, where are you? You're making me crazy!"

5. Every five minutes or so: "Do you want to see a hula-hooping show?" After a few twirls: "Now clap!"

6. Leaving for school with David this morning, addressed to me: "You have a nice time. Enjoy yourself. You can stay in the house, or you can go out. Then you can pick me up."

7. Finding "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on her i-Pod: "This is my song!"

8. Hands on her hips, standing over me: "I'm mad at you, okay?"

9: Back-seat driver: "You drive too fast...'cause it's important."

10. After going to bed with him next to her on the pillow: "Mom! I need remove T. Rex to office! He scare me!" As I retreated with T.R. Brown under my arm: "And his food!"


Cheri said...

This is one fantastic girl!

I'm mad at you, okay? Is my favorite line EVER! I'm going to go try it out on Tom.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a lovely way to speak to your missing soap. I shall try it with sunglasses and keys.

smittenknitten said...

Ha! "You can stay in house, or you can go out..." Pretty soon she'll be giving you her cleaning and shopping list for the day :). Even though T. Rex Brown has to sleep in the office we had a great time as usual at Build-A-Bear!

Jennifer said...

Love it! I keep saying I'm going to write a book about the things my students say. Kids just say it like they think it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!
I can tell she's funny already. Just like her mom. :-)
- Laura