Sunday, March 02, 2008

Day Two: Forbidden Fruit

Jane is in town from New York, and asked us if we were free for dinner last night. I was determined that we were not going to take my friend of 15 years, who lives in the foodiest city in the world, to another crapcake chain restaurant. So we went to Burger Lounge and then continued on to Heaven Sent Desserts, where we shared:

1. Chocolate souffle with raspberries and cream
2. Strawberry Fraise (kind of like strawberry shortcake)
3. Mixed Berry Crisp with ice cream
4. Pink Coconut Snoballs (with a chocolate cake center, ostensibly for Jarrah)

It was a dessert orgy. Jarrah ate the most. (Really, I swear.) And I thought the Snoballs were the best.

Anyway, I got to thinking that it's very rare for us to have a great meal anymore, for several reasons:

1. Did I mention I hate chain restaurants? However:
2. Chain restaurants don't freak out if your child needs a caution cone.
3. Parenthood is expensive (especially babysitters) so David and I tend to eat somewhere fast and cheap when it's just the two of us.
4. I am tired and lazy now and can't commit to cooking something truly delicious.

On a separate but related note, I am not a good shopper. I buy things like bunches of leeks just so they can go off and get thrown away before I get motivated to read a recipe. And I have long ago learned (and then learned again, and again, and again) that there are certain things I just cannot be trusted to be alone with during the day, especially at nap time. Hence, today's official list:


1. Haagen-Daz chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream
2. Hawaiian sweet rolls in the 24 pack
3. Blocks of sharp yellow cheddar cheese
4. Pillsbury cinammon rolls in the tube
5. Hostess Cherry Pies
6. Any cookie labeled "Reduced Fat!"
7. Black Licorice in the box (with 10 percent more!)
8. Fruit by the Foot
9. Frosted Pop Tarts
10. Oreo Double-Stuff (known in my family as "Double-Paste," but it's a long story)

What does it mean that I feel physically ill reading my items, and yet writing it made me want all of them?

Okay, Readers, your turn: What's your Forbidden Fruit? Or am I the only one with disgusting secret cravings?


David said...

On the food list, Samantha also can't be trusted with a bag of dried apricots. Just trying to help.

Cheri said...

I am currently, truly, madly, deeply, in love with Trader Joe's Gluten-Free (not even as bad as it sounds) Cranberry Maple Nut granola. So, there's that.

Now, when you buy leeks and things that go unused, do you have to wait for them to go bad before throwing them out, even all the while knowing that you'll be throwing them out? I do that. Same with leftovers. Why am I putting this in Gladware when I know that nobody will eat it and I'll throw it out eventually. But I can't throw it out until it has gone bad.

As you can clearly see from both paragraphs above, I need to continue in therapy.


P.S. Can't wait for more lists a la Sam!

Chinazhoumom said...

I would have to second most of your items except the licorace (yuck) fruit by the roll - (contains -1% fruit)

Now things I can't get - unless I am in the mood to just eat what I want would be most kinds of bread (fresh-deli) and real butter - hers*eys kisses - m&*m's - seeing a pattern here...
Love the lists
Carol in FL

smittenknitten said...

Food I cannot be trusted with....Blue Diamond Smoke House Almonds and beef jerky and Peanut M&M's.

We also fear leftovers, 90% of the time leftovers in our house are a science experiment waiting to happen :).

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is does Burger Lounge have your vote for the best burger in town? And do you get the real thing or do the quinoa thing that I can't imagine remotely resembles a real burger.

I am impressed that your list is only 10, and with David's help, 11 items long! There are entire aisles that it's best I avoid--my downfalls around items that actually make it into my home are: that sharp cheddar cheese you mentioned, together with kalamata olives...

Sam said...

@Cheri: Way to go, making us all look bad--craving something with "Gluten-Free" in the title? Puh-leez. :)

@Chinazhou: And do you mistake me for someone who is CONCERNED that the Fruit by the Foot contains 99% crap? :) Bring it on, baby! :)

@Smitten: Mmmmmm, Peanut M&Ms. :)

@Steph: Yes, best in the town. The only time I've had better is at a place called Burger Joint in New York City. And I'm mighty particular. But you know what? I wish I wanted the quinoa burger. Doesn't that somehow sound virtous and fun at the same time? :)

Anonymous said...

On my list, chocolate-covered Hob Nobs (I can eat a whole roll of them) and pretty much anything else with chocolate on or in it. But since pregnancy means I have developed some wierd sugar allergy and haven't been eating chocolate, now my list is much shorter -- mostly cheese and butter, which I seem to be able to incorporate in any meal. :) xxx lix

Anonymous said...

Dark chocolate with sultanas in it and mint leaves ( the sort covered in sugar -- or are these not know in the US?)
Nanna Joan

Robyn said...

No Swedish fish is safe around me. Well, except the green ones. I really don't like the green ones. But if you're a red swedish fish - look out! Also, I've been known to get a 2-pack of raspberry zingers and eat it on the way home so I don't have to share. I also devoured a pack of purple bunny peeps in two days. Mmmmmm...peeps....

Jen said...

Anything at all that has chocolate in it, preferably dark--but I'll eat milk when desperate.

Hostess mini donuts (chocolate covered), Ding Dongs, Ho Hos.

Actually, any donuts but jelly-filled.

Baked goods of any kind but especially chocolate chip cookies.

Tater tots.

I'll second you on the Pop Tarts.

Someone once told me that those Hostess donuts could be considered vegan because pretty much all of the ingredients were created in a lab. And yet I'd still eat them!

I'm SO excited about all of the blogs I'll get to read this month! And remembering fondly scarfing desserts with you at Heaven Sent!

Miss J

Anonymous said...

I try not to buy any kind of junk food when I go to the store. Anything sweet is the worst. I will consume it immediately. The entire package. (Don't even ask about the Girl Scout cookies I bought from a colleague's daughter....) So even though it means a tremendous battle with my sweet tooth, I usually leave the sweets behind. Of course, if they are giving away free cookies at the bakery, that's another story.

I once brought Twinkies, a food substance I don't even really like but will eat if in front of me, as a dessert to a fancy-schmancy dinner party. At that point I was working some extraordinary hours every day, went to purchase a dessert in the middle of the night, and thought it was hilarious. The next day it seemed less hilarious, but then it was too late.


Jen said...

Oh yeah! I forgot about Girl Scout cookies. Give me a box of Tagalongs or Thin Mints and I'll eat the entire thing, no problem.


Sam said...

@Nanna: Yes, we have spearmint leaves! Yum! :)

@Robyn: Cracking up about Swedish fish madly swimming away from you. And mmmmm... to rasberry Zingers! Zingers almost made my list. ;) And you should know there is a "group" on NaBloPoMo called--are you ready?--"Bloggers Who Love Stale Peeps." I almost joined! :)

@Jen: LOL about the vegan donuts. ;) And mmmmm... ding-dongs. :)

@Sarah: Now there is a food I always think I want--Twinkies--that is better in theory. Who knew? :)

Jen said...

Is anyone else getting really hungry?