Saturday, March 01, 2008

March Madness!

Today I am embarking on the second incarnation of NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month (click on the icon on the sidebar for more info.) Formerly, from what I understand, this was meant to be an annual event taking place in November, but due to waves of enthusiasm, it's now going monthly. So...starting today, I pledge to post in this space every single day of March. If you are a regular reader (and if so, I thank you) I hope you will check on me and send me encouragement from time to time.

This month's theme is: LISTS. I like lists. I really have no problem making lists, as long as they are not of important things I should be doing with my life. Also, I feel this theme is appropriate for me in particular: I will be forced to tame my prolix tendencies, and cultivate a refined terseness that will no doubt have an astringent effect on my composition process. How do you like them apples?

Because we attended the FCC Chinese New Year banquet today, I'll begin with two CNY lists, ending on an upbeat note. That means I'll be starting on a downbeat one.


1. The food. The lines were really long, and the food was cold. And gelatinous. Ick.
2. We spent $20 on raffle tickets and didn't win a single thing. Boo.


1. Jarrah and Joy carrying the dragon through the room to the beat of drums. They seemed so grown up.
2. Jarrah and Joy dancing like Elaine Benes on the stage.
3. Jarrah painstakingly dotting glue on her Year of the Rat craft.
4. The lion dancers, who totally rocked. One of them even stood on another lion's shoulders!
5. The brief fantasy of winning the raffle baskets, some of which included beach resort weekends.
6. The rat Beanie Babies handed out to the kids.
7. Jarrah explaining "We eat long noodles, and dumplings, and fortune cookies, for our feast!" (Someone's been reading a lot of books on Chinese New Year.)


Cheri said...

Love your day one list.

How did you get that cool badge-thing-o with your picture? I don't know how to do cool stuff. Wah.

Caroline said...

I am so excited that I'll be seeing a post a day from you! What a wonderful treat for me!

I like lists, too. My parents had an old paperback called The Book of Lists when I was a kid, and I read that silly thing from cover to cover. I'll enjoy reading yours.


Jennifer said...

Even with the things that sucked it sounds like a great time! Glad to hear you'll be posting daily!


Anonymous said...

What a treat, you're on fire girl!

Type (little) a said...

Jarrah is wearing Joy's nametag upside down! I love it.

whenever i have to wear one of those things I usually write "norman" or "stanley"

And good luck to you on the nablopomo. I think i'll stick with november.

David said...

I need to sign up to NaBloCoMo -- Nation Blog Commenting Month, comment on someones blog at least once a day. :)

Fortunately Samantha has freed me from the requirement of adding pictures daily, but I do my best when needed.

Marlene said...

I especially like that Jarrah is wearing Joy's nametag--and upside down. That seems like a plus on the list too.

And, thanks, girlfriend, for the shout out on your blog.

Sam said...

@Cheri: I wish I could take credit for technological prowess, but all I did was click on the icon on their website, and they added the photo from my profile automatically. Try it! :)

@Caroline: Thank you, dear! And I had that book, too! :)

@Jennifer: Good to see you!

@Type: I don't think I can wait until November, but after March, I probably will. :)

@Marlene: Hope you're feeling better, lovey.

Anonymous said...

How exciting -- a post a day to look forward to! Can't wait! :) xxx lix