Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day #15: Skeptical

I can now tell you that David has been in Vegas for the past five days, and for once, not for work.  He was there voluntarily for a "skeptics conference," which I quote because I'm still not sure what that is.  It has a name, but since I'm not in the business of promoting it, I don't have to post it, so there.  Not that I begrudge David of his man-cation.  In all these years, he's only ever wanted to go on two, and they were both this year.  First, the race cars, and now this, whatever it is, that he claims is totally unrelated to hookers and blow.

So, since I've just fetched him from the airport and driven (with two breaks) for four hours, I'll limit tonight's post to the things I know so far about this conference.  Mind you, my perspective is limited to bullet-points.  Now that I have that advisory bulletin out of the way, here goes:

1.  It was around 114 in Vegas, but that's only hearsay, because David did not leave his hotel the entire time.

2.  The first day, he had lunch with Yau-Man from Survivor: Fiji, which weirdly, is like the only Survivor out of like 20 we haven't watched.

3.  He posted a photo to Instagram of two indeterminate young people dancing in the altogether to a band called No God.  I commented, "Are they nekked?  Is that what they're skeptical of?  Clothes?"

4.  One late-night event following the day's panels was called "The Bacon and Donuts Party," and was hosted by Penn of Penn & Teller.

5.  Another day, a man who claims to be my shy, self-effacing husband but may just be posing as him, flagged down, at a brisk trot, the very same Penn, saying he had a story to tell him (?) that he was going to find really funny. (??)  He never got to finish the story due to some interruption, which annoys him.  (???)

6.  I received a text from this same husband saying he'd just attended some panel that was life-changing because it presented a "new" way to understand something in physics.  Yes, please tell me more about that, but first:  Prop me up, will ya?  And then get me an espresso, stat.

7.  One of the panels was upsetting.  I don't know why yet.  Hopefully, it's not because it provided the exact date and time of the impending zombie apocalypse Jarrah keeps talking about.

8.  He didn't sleep much, and actually had to nap one of the days, foregoing some riveting panel in order to do so.

9.  I received the following text:  "Just saw the second guy under 30 in a kilt.  This was not a fashion I was aware of."  

10.  We're glad he's home, and he hasn't tried to talk us into joining anything...yet.


Jen said...

Have you checked to make sure he was not secretly microchipped?

Stephanie said...

Bacon, physics and kilts...oh my. Good stuff!