Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 13: Save a Horse

Today's prompt is "Do you worry on Friday the 13th, or do you think the whole superstition is a joke?"  Well, I can think the whole superstition is a joke and still worry, right?  Because that's the option I choose.  I'm like Cassie in A Chorus Line, paraphrased:  "I'm a dancer--a dancer dances!"  Only substitute "worrier" and "worries."  It's my avocation.

Today, I worried that something horrible would befall my car while I was driving to and from Encinitas.  Indeed, it does make a sort of disconcerting "ker-chunking" sound in traffic, like it's kvetching about having to accelerate and decelerate for such piddling distances.  But I have no way of knowing if that's a genuine worry or just my car trying to say "eh, I'm old, give me a minute."

Anyway, we made it there and back and had a lovely time.  It was a good day, too.  Not only did I get Jarrah to camp on time with her lunch in hand (something I could not claim yesterday) but we swung through University Heights on the way to retrieve a red bellhop hat from the privet hedge of someone I don't know (ah, the unpredictable life of a theater geek.) Then, cappuccino outside at Con Pane (yum) my voice lesson and some brush-up work on my harmonies that I always enjoy, followed by a meeting at Azucar in OB so I could hand-off two big bags of props to Geoffrey.  Did I mention I somehow got backed into being Props Mistress for an upcoming show?  I probably did.  Anyway, my list is almost complete, making it feel like a successful treasure hunt.  I'm especially proud of the pistol with the barrel featuring tiny portraits of nudie women that is actually a lighter.  Score!

Having slogged through Friday afternoon slowdown on the way to Encinitas, Jarrah and I were rewarded with fun and company for our Friday evening.  She reveled in Barbie mayhem and pasta, and I introduced Mary to the wonder that is Cinepolis for a 21-and-over showing of Magic Mike with cocktail service and fully-reclining Laz-y-Boys.  The movie was great fun, though now more than ever I am deeply puzzled by the purported appeal of a dude in a leather thong. We followed that up with a lovely al fresco dinner at Tinleaf, my favorite place in North County, and the evening was as thick and balmy as beachside in Honolulu.

Hopefully, I can make it from here to the bed without incident.

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Jen said...

Love this post. Just love this post. Thank you! I missed you while I was offline all week! Mwah.