Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day #14: Road Trip

Jarrah and I are visiting my sister, her husband and my gorgeous niece, Lilah, in LA tonight.  I know I keep making excuses for why these posts are getting in just under the wire, but there you have it. 

Lindsey has just moved to a fabulous new house in Redondo Beach and we needed to see it.  Jarrah's first review:  "Wow!  How can they afford this?" which is how you know how nice it is.  I'm especially excited by the giant rooms devoid of furniture so I can practice my dance moves.

Lilah just gets cuter all the time.  I love how she grins at you and says "hi!" in this very encouraging way when she likes what you're doing, and narrows her eyes and says "BYE" when she doesn't.  I also love how she covers only one eye like a pirate when she's playing peekaboo.  She's an all-around delightful baby who doesn't even require sleep, apparently, since she stays up around the clock whenever I see her.  Battery-free non-stop fun!

Jarrah gets a little cranky with all this baby-love.  After all, she's always been the baby.  She doesn't like me paying attention to anyone else.  At one point we couldn't find her for ages and finally located her in a tiny corner of the backyard.  When I asked her to come in, she said "But this is the place where I can be alone with my feelings!"  Man, that kid is my daughter.

She was sulky enough that I saw the wisdom in her staying home with her uncle and watching a movie while my sister and I had a girls night out.  We tried this amazing place, the Tin Roof Cafe, which was bursting with patrons and hot waiters, and was also delish.  It was fun and unusual for us to catch up over a glass of wine and a strawberry-rhubarb parfait without anyone interrupting us.

Now I'm about to turn in and everyone is already upstairs.  Jarrah's zipped into her sub-zero sleeping bag on the air mattress and I'll curl up in the inviting bed with the fluffy duvet next to it.  Tomorrow Thomas can go back to dealing with the four crazy women of various ages under his roof. 

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