Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 12: It's Late, So...

I can't decide if I'm the slowest person in the room to learn the choreography, or if I'm just the only one who admits when I don't know it.  I definitely ask the most questions.  And want to repeat the dance the most times.  Sometimes I wonder if everyone is struggling with the same stuff but they're just keeping their mouth shut.  But see, I don't see the valor in silence in this sort of enterprise.  If I learn it wrong, or fuzzily, then I'll have to unlearn or relearn it so I can do it right for an audience.  I'm not a vague performer.  I have to move in a definitive way or I won't feel like myself.

The last couple of nights, when we've been learning "War Is A Science" and "Morning Glow," I've felt the choreography getting easier.  Well, I mean, it actually is easier.  "War" is performed while perched on wooden stools, and while my feet certainly aren't still, at least my ass is.  It can stay in one place while I figure out where my hands and feet go.  That's a large portion of my body that's out of harm's way.

"Morning Glow" is mostly logistics.  We're holding "orbs" of light in one hand and have a flashlight tucked into our belts for later.  In one bit, I'm sinking to one knee while shutting off my orb in one hand and digging for the flashlight and turning it on with the other.  Apparently, other people are also singing during this part, but I'm like, do I look like an assembly line to you?  One thing at a time, people.  My super-cute little friend, Cody, who stands near me, reminded me to dig out the flashlight and have it in my hand during an earlier portion when I'm striding across the stage, keeping it under my hand so people can't see it.  That really helped.  Like I said:  logistics. 

It's all massive heaps of fun, though.  I come out of there really overheated, especially my feet in my new, professional "jazz" shoes, which feel like tiny Mt. Vesuviuses.  But they really do help with the spinning.  I couldn't make it all the way around without the shoes. 

Now if I can just remember to enter on cue, stay in sync, sing the top line of the four part harmony while I'm throwing my orbs around and not drop my flashlight with a great clatter on the wood stage, I'll be golden. 

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