Monday, August 30, 2010

What A Caterwauling!

One weekend of shows down! And one to go. (Come see us on September 4th and 5th at 6:00 at Liberty Station!)

A really nice weekend and a good experience with the audience. Saturday we showed up three hours early for rehearsal and run-throughs (which, to quote Caleb in The Hot Seat, "we totally needed") and that really sharpened us up. By 5:00, an adorable contingent of camp-chair-bearing folks descended on our little courtyard behind Trader Joes with copious picnic foods. By 6:00, I had around 20 people to see me in the audience (none last night, alas) which added to the excitement. Having been running around and singing (read: sweating) all afternoon, my stage makeup was besmirched and I had to go fix it in the Trader Joes bathroom.

One exciting bit is how much the kids seem to be liking the show. I mean, there are shenanigans, and fools, and singing, but even the straight-up Shakespeare bits seem to appeal. It probably helps that the show is only 30 minutes long--less if we hit all our cues. Really, I can't think of a nicer way to spend a summer evening than showing up with some chairs and a greasy bag of Five Guys and watching some kooks in white costumes emote as the sun goes down (hint!)

Sunday's show was similar, but maybe even a bit more high-energy. We are getting quite adept at freezing when an airplane goes by and Hannah clicks her castanets two times (though it also tempts me to whisper "There's no place like home...") I almost wish there were more airplanes because some of the freeze moments are quite amusing. The niece of one of my castmates told me I was the funniest, which made my day, and a man I didn't know grinned knowingly and said "Interesting take on Maria." Not sure what that meant, but I guess I'll choose to be complimented that he thought I had a "take" at all.

Last night we had a cast dinner at Tender Greens after the show, which was yummy though a little scattered since everyone had to wait in a long line for food and that sort of spoiled the mood a bit (or mine, at least.) But I loved that our whole cast (and groupies) pretty much fit around the big wooden "family table" on their patio--something Shakespearean about that. If only we'd had goblets of mead.

Now to regroup for next weekend, though we have a rehearsal on Thursday. To quote Sir Toby, "Tis too late to go to bed--let's go burn some sack!"

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Anonymous said...

Sounds super fun, love the picnic element. Makes it more authentically Shakespearean to have people mingling and eating while they watch, instead of being inside some formal dark theater! :) Lix