Sunday, August 01, 2010

It Ain't Easy

NaBloPoMo's theme for August is GREEN. In the description I was e-mailed, they said they hoped gardeners and horticulturists (so many of them are bloggers--it's a natural fit) as well as environmentalists would step up.

I'm not really any of those things. I kill everything in our garden rather handily, and years after learning the word still get off on pointing out "impatiens" because the name sounds cool. And I recycle. I don't run the water while I brush my teeth, either. Oh, and I don't drive a Hummer. Other than that, I'm not sure how much of an environmentalist I am.

The point is, I might want to blog this theme, this month, starting with this day. So here is my introduction. Of course I'm going to need all your ideas about what else GREEN might mean. All that keeps coming up for me is being completely at sea doing something new for the first time. And I plan to milk that one for all it's worth.

But I won't do it inhumanely. It will be a gentle milking.

Readers? Your thoughts on GREEN?


Caroline said...
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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Envy Baby! :-)

Caroline said...

Sorry -- no edit function, so I had to delete.

Green eyes -- You have them. Any good stories involved?

Green eyes -- Every new writer gives them to their protagonist without realizing it's a cliche (incl. me). You teach writing -- any horror stories?

Green room -- a way to talk about your theater experiences moon is made of green cheese? :)

I look forward to whatever you write! Yay NaBloPoMo!

Jen said...

Yeah--envy, that's the best!

How about green foods--or foods that have become green?

St. Patrick's Day? Shamrock shakes?

Green cards?

Greenhouses? Wallgreens? Ok, can you tell I'm out of ideas?

Looking forward to the month!

Stephanie said...

You could always take David's camera out for a field trip with green as your subject.

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I was thinking of envy as well. Green Eggs and Ham? Maybe list your favorite Dr. Seuss book.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, great ideas above.

How about things you are green at - stories of doing something for the first time?

Or It's Not Easy Being Green - stories of feeling or being different than others?

Or the un-green - stories of extravagances, not being environmentally friendly, openly embracing wanton waste...

Or a trip to Greenland?

Or a green item of clothing?

Or a relationship with an Irish person?

Or an experience with moldy green food?

Or a recipe using blue (green) cheese?

Or favorite memories of listening to Al Green? :-p (and other shall we say inspirational artists...)

I'll stop now...

Joan said...

Green -- inexperienced

Green -- seasick


Green politics

Green in book and film titles: How Green was my Valley; Anne of Green Gables; Green Fire (well before your time --- about emeralds.

Getting the green light.

Go with the flow