Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Naughty and Nice

Just got the final ruling that our 48 Hour Film Project film for the Inland Empire, Eye of the Beholder, is officially disqualified from consideration for jury prizes. I've kept quiet on the matter until the Powers That Be at headquarters on the East Coast (the drama!) made up their minds about what to do with us. And now they have. And it sucks. Our infraction is including a 48 Hour Film Project San Diego city producer as an actor on our team. Notice I said ACTOR and not spy or Deep Throat or evil mastermind. But that was enough to get us branded with the scarlet "D."

I think the film is good, and look forward to posting a link when we're allowed. And we're still eligible for the Audience Award. But it seems unlikely to me that we'll get it, since they are also going to make an announcement at the premiere (!) about why we were disqualified. Oh, the humanity. I'm trying to imagine everyone looking at us, pointing and yelling "CHEATERS!" Which probably won't happen, but still. It's enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the red carpet. I haven't even looked for a fabu outfit this time. I can't muster the energy, in our infamy. And anyway, we're considering t-shirts that thumb our noses (chests?) at the ruling that say something like "DISQUALIFIED: No, that's not right." (The part after the colon was the required line for this competition--clever, huh?)

In happier news, I had my surgery follow-up on Monday morning and all was well. I'm healing like I should and the pathology report said that most beautiful of words: BENIGN. ("Oh, like Benign Girl!" responded my smart, smart daughter.)

And rehearsals for Twelfth Night are heating up (literally: it was quite warm in the park last night) and we're having a lark singing and dancing and attracting the attention of innocent bystanders and their dogs. I'm looking forward to the supreme fun of performing in the great, wide open. If you're local and like FREE theater, put August 28-29 and September 4-5 on the calendar. All shows at 6 p.m. and locations to be announced. Family-friendly, too!


Stephanie said...

Bummer, but I love the tshirt idea.

Joan said...

We will be there on Sept 4th and 5th so you can claim some members of the audience will have travelled internationally to see you perform.
Look forward to the show.

EWR2SAN said...

I just saw it. George and Lisa were hilarious, Jay and Julliana were perfect, and of course Robyn really nailed her part (and the writing). Sam great job with writing/directing/acting.

You all did a great job. Seriously, great job with the genre, a solid script, every actor did great, and the film looks and sounds great. I wish I could have been there.

David, color and sound are great! Sounds like editing went smoother this time.

The finished product is a good film. You should all be happy regardless of any absurd ruling. There are always other short film fests that you can enter it in.

Aunt LoLo said...

I vote YES on the t-shirts. LOL