Monday, August 02, 2010

Green Thumb? Maybe On The Hand Of A Giant

So, right after saying I manage to kill everything in our yard, we discovered this ginormous flower, bursting from the inhospitably spiny heart of a cactus growing near our shed. Jarrah is in the photo to provide spatial reference. As my father-in-law would (adorably) say: "It's a monster."

How's that for green? All right, I'll do better tomorrow. It's late.

Speaking of green, you Readers are awesome. Thanks for the ideas. I'll be making verdant use of them (get it?) in the days to come.


Caroline said...

I love those! Back in 1990, I bought a baby version of that cactus and gave it to my mom. In 2006 (and not before then), suddenly POW -- that exact flower. We were shocked. They only last for one day on our cactus, but we usually get half a dozen each year.

Myrnie said...

Gorgeous! I bought 3 tiny flowering cactus for a friend's birthday once, in middle school...I was mortified when I got to the party and realized the flowers were dried strawflowers, hot glued to the cacti.

Joan said...

Yes, it IS a "monster".