Friday, August 06, 2010

Mommy, They're Heeeeeere

T minus two hours until kick-off. (I've never actually understood that. What does the T stand for?) I'm not a nervous wreck this time, because I feel like I had the ultimate warm-up: doing the whole thing three weeks ago.

So what will this have to do with GREEN? Well, I'm a bit green at the idea of eating dinner at Denny's, where we're having our kick-off brainstorming meeting. I don't care for Denny's. Well, I like their pie. But it better not be green.

And I'm also hoping that wherever the winds blow us to shoot this weekend, those places don't involve too much grass. I am allergic to grass.

I also hope I don't have to be covered in head-to-toe green body paint, if I end up acting. Whoops, that would be Wicked. Already been done.

My posts will be short the next couple of days. (A few of you are saying to yourselves: Yeah, right.)

Think good, happy filmic thoughts on our behalf, will you? Green or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

T stands for me, Sam.


The Wades said...

I have often wondered the same exact thing. Doesn't it stand for time. The time minus however many minutes or hours?

Wait, did you know and I'm being silly here.

Don't like Denny's? I can understand that. We rarely (ever few years at best) frequent it ourselves. Why when there are such better options, huh?

DrSpouse said...

Yes, T stands for Time.