Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Own Private Idaho

On the plane from Salt Lake City to Iowa Falls. Despite having packed for freezing conditions, so far we are sweating. Salt Lake City was hot and muggy, with a powerful wind, and the terminal was pretty much outdoors. We weren't there that long—just long enough to eat some fast food and taunt Jarrah by promising some time at the terminal “playground” and then realizing we didn't have that time—but then there was a lovely patch on the runway in the tiny plane with no a/c.

We're underway now, with a few bumps. I am sitting by myself on this leg—we didn't have good luck booking seats together. I sat with Jarrah on the first shift, and now I'm enjoying the break. Well, I would be enjoying it if I hadn't realized just before take-off—my face burning with shame and anguish—that I left my Kindle in a security bin back at Lindbergh Field. My beloved Kindle, which hadn't even seen its first birthday yet. Gadget people would say it's just a sign that it's time to upgrade to 2.0, but I am sentimental about my electronics, and will use them until they go on the fritz. I don't respond to societal pressure about newer, faster, better. I'm an old-fashioned sort of gal.

So, no Kindle, and People magazine already exhausted, plus an old issue of Wired, I have decided to start blogging. The trip already feels longer than it ought to, and we still have the rental car line plus a two-hour drive to Jackson Lake. I hear it's a lovely drive, though.

And sticking with that positive theme, people have been awfully nice so far. We were stuck in a really long line at the Delta terminal in SD, and a couple happened to overhear us—they insisted we go in front of them. That was over and above your basic kindness to strangers. I was really touched. Then, we were too late to get seats together on our first flight, but when I asked the people around us if they'd switch, about 10 people immediately responded “How can I help?” (Sure, there was one guy who turned us down flat because he wanted the aisle, but hey, that might have been me in my pre-child days. As a claustrophobic, I am very partial to the aisle.)

Jarrah has been very wiggly, but mostly upbeat. She has been carrying her stuffed panda in a sick bag, which she says is her “house.” The top of the sick bag has become her “headband.” For most of the first flight, the panda was named Delta (kinda catchy!) but suddenly became Sarah. Hopefully, she doesn't figure out that I actually forgot the doggie she asked me to pack.

Oh, they just announced our descent into Idaho Falls. That was quick!

P.S. Taking advantage of free Wi-Fi in the airport. Which, by the way, I love. It's beautiful and clean and quiet. We stopped at the bathroom on the way to the baggage claim, and by the time we got down there (about 10 minutes after deplaning) our luggage was off and GONE. The Hertz counter was a lonely island wherein we were granted a Toyota Camry after about 30 seconds of cheerful interaction. "They do things speedily in Idaho Falls!" I remarked jauntily to the car agent. He actually laughed and agreed with me. Then David appeared with the luggage. We are on our way. Looks like a beautiful day out there. Stay tuned for some airport "local color" photos when I return.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start with the exception of your lost literature. Will you be able to retrieve it upon your return?

Mary said...

I was wondering the same thing. Can we go get it for you?

Robyn said...

I'm glad to hear that, with the exception of your wandering Kindle, your trip is getting off to a good start. Have a lovely time. I can't wait to hear about the Old Faithful Inn!! See you when you get back!

erin said...

KINDLE!!!!!! Ohhhh no!

If I had a Kindle I would sew it to my right hand to keep it with me always...

(the word verification is amparent)

Jennifer said...

So sorry about the Kindle. I have been considering buying one, but my fear is that I too would lose it. Plus, I really like the book reading experience. I am just so torn!
Hope you have a great trip!

Aunt LoLo said...

Sorry about the Kindle. I HATE losing things...something inside me screams, "Wait! It's not fair! I want a do-over! Just rewind and let me get it. It can't be gone!"

So glad the rest of the trip is smooth for you, though!