Friday, September 25, 2009

Jarrah's First Movie Review

Hi everyone. Jarrah here. I know this is my mom's blog, but she's letting me write this post.

I wasn't feeling a hundred percent this morning, so I asked Mommy to do that thing she does that always makes me feel better: take me to the movies. I had the movie all picked out, too: Fame. I saw a trailer on Nickelodeon and it reminded me of Hannah Montana. If you don't know, a trailer is a short version of the movie where they show you all the good parts.

Mommy was game; in fact, I think she was more excited than I was. Apparently, Fame is a "remake" of a movie she remembers from her childhood, about 50 years ago. It was a big deal then, with a famous song that Mommy keeps singing: "Remember my naaaaammmme....I'm gonna live for-evah..." It's a good song, but it can't touch Mamma Mia!

The movie started out pretty good. There were a lot of feet and instruments and sweating bodies, and people running to catch the subway in New York City. That's where Mommy is from, which she mentioned, and I said "I know THAT." I did wonder why all the people wore coats and hats all the time, though--they looked all matchy-matchy. The people were very nervous because they are auditioning (I know that word from Mommy's plays) for a special school where you can sing and dance and act. You can also play classical music there, but if you do, you'll have to sit in the balcony and later you'll find out you prefer hip-hop.

The movie turned out different than I thought. A lot of the time, you see people's heads up really close, and they seem sad. Sometimes they're sad because their parents don't care about their dreams (and who ever heard of that?) and sometimes because their boyfriend is mad that they almost slept with a soap star just because he offered to introduce them to his casting director. Mommy liked the girl who plays the piano but wants to be a singer, and for some reason she cried when the girl's parents wouldn't let her be in Chicago. Mommy is a bit weird like that, though--she often cries at inappropriate parts in the movie. You like that word, inappropriate? My mommy taught me that.

I thought there would be more dancing and singing. There is a finale, which is another word I know from Mommy's plays. She had a dancing finale in her play this summer, and that was my favorite part. The movie should have had a lot more finales. Mommy was excited to see someone named Kherington Payne, who was on one of her dance shows. Kherington dances a lot this movie, but she only acts once, for about 30 seconds, and Mommy said that was a little too long.

I did really like the part when Kevin (how cool am I for remembering his name?) "accidentally" crosses the yellow line when the subway train is coming. This was not related to his teacher telling him that he would never make a living as a dancer, silly--I would have noticed that. No, he just doesn't know how to read, and he wasn't careful. You should never, ever cross that yellow line. Even I know that. His friends had to catch him and then they were all very sad again. Instead of being sad, they should have just read the sign together, and remembered to pay attention next time. I made sure to tell Mommy, several times, and very loudly, that he should never, EVER cross that yellow line, and she really appreciated it.

When it was over, I told Mommy that I loved Fame. And that I wanted the song for my birthday. And that it was really, really sad when my popcorn spilled on the floor when it was full. At least my Junior Mints didn't spill. That was a relief.


Stephanie said...

Go Jarrah!

Junior Mints are the best!

I loved the Fame series when I was a kid.


Myrnie said...

Sounds like she had fun :)

Mary said...

I would have cried that popcorn spilling for sure!

I was one of those dancing teens that got hook on "All That Jazz!" Although, my mom never let me see most of those movies. I did get to see "Footloose!"



Petite Mum said...

Yep, there definitely should be more finales! Love it!

LunaMoonbeam said...

Nice job, Jarrah!

The Wades said...

I am not surprised! What an eloquent girl--it's as if your mama wrote that you did such a great job. I think you are getting a healty dose of culture and it shows! :) Keep on keepin' on.

Melanie Sheridan said...

I see a promising career in your future Jarrah!