Friday, September 04, 2009

The Great, Wide Open

This morning we had our "open house" for Jarrah's preschool, and she got to experience the biggest kids' room for the first time. Not surprisingly, she was fine with it. She and her friend Amelia settled themselves into a kiddie car with a doctor kit and stayed there for 30 minutes. When the bell rang for clean-up, she didn't hesitate, hanging purses and capes neatly in the armoire like she'd been doing it for months.

Her mama, however, is not nearly so adaptable. Last year I wanted to run sobbing back to Barbara and Janet's class, fling my arms around them and wail "I'm not ready to leave you!" This year was even worse. I missed Janet (different Janet) and Ilene terribly even though I knew they were next door, and felt especially strange when I saw a sign reading "Room Parents" with two names that were distinctly not mine. I have been the room parent for two straight years, and it's been such a busy August I forgot to wonder why no one had called me. Harumph. Okay, I thought I was pretty good at that job. I made all kinds of entertaining witticisms in my monthly reports. At least I thought they were entertaining.

Even weirder, someone asked a question about the after-school classes, and one of J's new teachers explained there would be a dance class on Wednesdays and didn't even acknowledge me. I started to interject that the date was still in question, but she and the other teacher said "No, it's definitely Wednesday, because..." but by then I was no longer listening because I was thinking "Wha...? Have I been fired?"

And Readers, I sort of have. I was scheduled for Wednesdays without my say-so, and now that I've complained about Wednesdays, they've decided to stick with Wednesdays and another gal who teaches Israeli dance is going to step in. At least I think that's what was discussed when I approached the director about it. I just wondered why no one had mentioned any of this to me before today--hearing about it in front of the whole room was mighty weird.

So I was a bit unsettled when we headed back out into the 100-degree noontime and not feeling very park-ish at all. I ended up inviting Robyn and the boys back to our place for lunch and playing, and that did lift my spirits. Invoking our writing collaboration, Robyn asked me "Were you married to it?" (meaning the dance class), and I said "No, I suppose I wasn't married to it." Not sure yet how I feel about the whole situation.

I know that in two weeks, Jarrah will be blissfully happy in her new (last, sob!) room at PFP, and that I will follow, digging in my heels. It's how I deal with change. I resist and resist and resist and then, suddenly, I am there, and it's good after all. Here's hoping the trend continues.


Aunt LoLo said...

Harumph, indeed! You were kind of fired..and that kind of bites. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I know I would feel exactly the same way you did... but let me play the devil's advocate and say
(1) they may feel that they must give another parent a chance to be "room parent" even though they love you being room parent just because it is good to give everyone turns, even grownups; and (2) school schedules can be inflexible and if they planned dance for Wednesdays, it's Wed or be damned, so once again, then they must find someone else to do dance because you can't do Wed even though of course you would be the number one choice. Does that all make sense? :) Liz

Jen said...

They're both right! But good luck with this transition. Sounds like you'll be fine after the digging in your heels part. ;-)

Miss J

The Wades said...

Again, we're twins! NO, not in the dancing department, but in the involved-even-if-it's-more-torture-than-it's-worth department! Don't you feel like telling last year's teacher to speak up for you--tell the world how awesome you've been? I almost want to write my own letter in your defense and I've never seen you in action. A girl can imagine!

Take this year off from being the best room mom ever and WOW the pants of Jarrah's next year teachers. You'll have a lot of pent up greatness to unleash on their clueless arses! (kinder, right?)

Sam said...

Great advice, guys.

Lix, I do think it's possible to view both situations as you've suggested. I need to focus on that. ;)

Michelle, I do think I will be called upon in all kinds of ways once J. hits kindergarten, so maybe I just need to rest up! :)

Caroline said...

I would have felt just the same way. As proof, I do feel the same way. I'm hurt, indignant, and puzzled, just sitting here in my kitchen. It makes sense that they'd want parents to take turns, but I don't like the way they disrespected you by not talking to you about it directly like grownups. Nobody puts Sammy in the corner!

Mary said...

Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking of you all!

The last year of preschool is hard-because it is the last.

Big Hugs!