Friday, November 25, 2005

On the Giving of Thanks

Well, land sakes alive if my fantasy version of Thanksgiving didn't end up coming true! Lots of cooing over little Marlon (who is given to a steady stream of contented grunting, like a piglet) and I did NOT eat too much pie. And I had the opportunity, believe you me, because there was a lot of pie. That was on account of the Marines not showing at the last minute. Some sort of black ops mission, apparently. Top secret. Ssssshh. But Lindsey's new beau Thomas was there, and he was a jovial sort, much accustomed to chaos as he hails from a family of 10 (yes, that's right) children. He was game for all Goldstein mishegoss, even the heated discussion on why teenage boys sometimes like to jerk off into tube socks. (Don't ask, it would take too long to explain.) And Judy and Harry were cheerful, though Harry seemed to mistake me for Avery at one point when I was carrying Marlon, and offered some advice about getting him to sleep through the night that involved slamming his head in a door. Eduardo had just had surgery on his posterior bits so he was moving a bit gingerly, and my Dad (we Goldsteins are prone to speechifying) made a Thanksgiving address with notes and everything on the subject of thankfulness for family.

For once, the turkey wasn't dry, and a last minute heating of the stuffing saved us all from salmonella. My mom made her famous pearl onions with cream sauce and buttered bread crumbs (frighteningly good, and the one truly fattening thing on the table) and we all took turns holding Marlon, who rocks the house already at 15 pounds on his three-month birthday! That boy has quite a grip, too. Really he was very agreeable and unquestionably cute, and what can I tell you? It's true what they say about babies healing filial wounds and smoothing over family conflict with plump, adorable distraction. Avery even offered me some motherly wisdom about diapers and wipe warmers and whatnot, and if I won't have any use for the breast pump she recommended, I was not feeling contrary enough to point it out. (Imagine that!) In general, I was impermeable to slights and disappointment, and just enjoyed all the commotion and camaraderie and good food and the yummy smell of the baby's head. My first nephew!

After dinner we went a-callin' to the Coopers, where they were just sitting down to dessert, and oh, I don't mind if I do! I got to catch up a bit with Beth, Bryan and Lawrence (he and I had a serious talk that was equal parts fertility treatments and facial products) and it was very convivial. David and I decided to brave the drive home to San Diego at midnight, and we didn't get to bed until almost 2:00. It was good to be home.


Anonymous said...

Sam, I was thinking about you yesterday. I am glad your day went so well! Too bad about the Marines. I was hoping for a good entry on them. I unfortunately, cannot say the same for not eating too much pie (or fudge) ooops...Oh well,it was just too darn good to pass up!

Samantha said...

Hey Amy,

My faithful reader! :) Thanks for your comments! :) I did have a little pie but mmmmm, fudge. That is my favorite. We didn't have any of that! Do you have any left? ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Wades said...

"we Goldsteins are prone to speechifying" Love that line!

Want a recipe for those onions! Do you have it? my email is: Love ya