Sunday, November 20, 2005

Le Weekend

It's been a nice weekend. Two baby showers with a fun movie night sandwiched in between. Mmmm, sandwich. :)

David has registered "" (with this mention, consider it trademarked and copyrighted, November 20, 2005) after the hit our home-made version made at Mary and Paul's shower yesterday. I had a great time calling out the words, or better yet, making people guess them based on clues. The game was specific to China adoption, but we figure it could be adapted to any country or domestic. Most of the words referred to official parts of the process, but I threw in "moonbear" and "veggie puffs" and "glider" and "Robeez" and a few others as a shout-out to Mary and Paul.

Last night we saw "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" with said shower-ees at the Mira Mesa Stadium. The theater was a victim of a "Harry Potter" blitzkrieg but the movie was great. I love that Roberty Downey, Jr.--how can a man who's been so close to death so many times seem so madly alive in his roles? I also liked the self-referential aspects of the film--the voice-over, the self-conscious narrator, the deliberate "do-overs" that even showed the film itself rewinding several frames. It was a thriller in the "noir" tradition--twists and turns, fast patter--but very "meta." I love that stuff. :) And the three leads (including Val Kilmer and Michelle Moynahan) make a wickedly compatible ensemble. Anyway, if you've ever wished that Hollywood movies with murders and car chases were funnier, this is the movie for you.

This morning I was driving to Del Mar for Alicia's tres chic brunch at Il Fornaio and I had a surge of gratitude to be exactly who I am, right at this moment, infertility and wait and all. The sun was twinkling over the Pacific as I crested the hill on Del Mar Heights Road, and I was anticipating a yummy breakfast, diverting companionship, and a great reason to celebrate. Moreover, my outfit was cute, my car was running smoothly, my skin had been buffed to a high sheen and I had a sweet, sleepy husband at home with a list of honey-do projects in his possession. Yes, my friends, life was good. It is good. I want to take this opportunity to proclaim that today, since no doubt my bitter, cynical self is simply snoozing somewhere and we might return to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as tomorrow. Hopefully not sooner.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty nervous about Thanksgiving. I won't go into too much detail yet, as I'm sure I'll have plenty to say in the aftermath, but for now I have two words for you: random Marines. As in, my mother has invited some to our house for dinner. And as I've been telling everyone, nothing in their rigorous, perhaps humiliating, basic training has prepared them for a single evening in the Goldstein household. If they even make it to the pie, the experience may haunt them for years.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,
I just wanted you to know that I have been reading and I so enjoy each entry. Keep them coming! I do hope you have a good Thanksgiving...can't wait to hear about how the "random Marines" fared in your "aftermath" entry.
Perhaps we can get together next week. The girls miss you!!!