Friday, November 04, 2005

Daniel Disappoints Me

So I called this guy Daniel from an ad in the Yellow Pages because he's a hauler. He hauls stuff away. Apparently in a truck but I don't know for sure. That's because he came out as soon as I called for a free estimate, and said he'd be back the next day at 2:30. The next day at 2:30 he called and said he was busy and that he'd come the NEXT day at 2:30. At 4:00 the next day (!) he called while I was watering the roses and said something that sounded like "I'll be there in 45 minutes." I wondered, in the dark? But it was a moot point because he never showed. Never called again, either. And his business card says "RELIABLE." I want to call him and say "Your card says 'RELIABLE!'" But I don't really want to call him.

I was trying to hire Daniel to take away the bricks, concrete slabs and giant pile of dirt that adorn our side yard. I didn't want Jarrah to have to look at them. I was pretty excited about planting some flowers back there, maybe setting up a ficus tree. But also I want Daniel to bring his truck and haul away a few other things. Like my "the time just changed and it seems to be dark all the time" malaise. Like my distraction. My China blues. My constant need to check the DTC boards, which keep saying, "I logged on to Family News and there is no news." They just keep saying that, over and over, in slightly different words.

And now it's the weekend again with no hope of news until Monday and probably not even then. I also wish Daniel would haul away this disturbing need to wish away my time, like my life isn't already full and enjoyable without knowing who our baby is. It's just that today was supposed to be the day. And it wasn't.

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