Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Day Two: Je Suis Strange

Not too many of you have jumped at the chance to tell me what to do and where to go for NaBloPoMo's "STRANGE(R)" theme this month, but don't worry: the offer does not expire. Any time you're ready, Readers, I'm here. In the mean time, I already have a great idea from miss.chief in two parts: tell you about strange things I've done in my life, and talk about strange photos. The latter gave me an idea: I'm going to try to take a few photos every day and post them here for discussion, which is something I NEVER do, since I'm more word-y than image-y. But NaBloPoMo is nothing if not an opportunity to bust some boundaries.

The lovely Jennifer from Thoughts From A Blonde also gave me a thought with her comment, in which she mentioned being distracted by The Bachelor. I didn't watch this season, but I didn't need to, since my trusty bible US Weekly had screaming soundbites on the subject every week. (I did watch The Bachelorette once, when Meredith picked Ian, and I think I scared myself being so drawn to that blond bad boy that I dreamed about him for weeks after.) So I ask, in the interest of documenting What Is Strange: Why do we care about some random dude who makes out with a succession of ex-Hooters waitresses who are on the show in order to get discovered for Dancing With The Stars and will date him for exactly 10 minutes after the final rose? That is something I ponder in the wee hours.

Anyway, here is my strange tidbit for the day, and it's blog-related: Once upon a time, in a blogosphere far, far away, there was a brief mania for Secret Blog Pals, and one day I was suddenly inspired to jump on the bandwagon. I received an invitation from a blog friend in Florida, and was quickly paired with a blogger in Oklahoma, also an adoptive mom, for whom I had a window of two months (I think?) to shower with surprises.

Now you might already be wondering why this prospect would sound alluring, and I'm feeling you. I don't really know, either. The facts are these: I began cyber-stalking this woman, poring over her blog for clues to her needs and desires, determined that my package(s) were going to be the most special and meaningful she'd ever received. I purchased several incarnations of her favorite candy, books and toys for her children, sweet-smelling ablutions for her. I heard that she enjoyed cross-stitch, and though my response to that was "What the @#$%&* is cross-stitch?" I learned, and studied the various kits in my local JoAnns. When the day finally came for me to mail my package, the box was huge, and heavy. I could feel pinpricks of foolishness as I forked over nearly $20 just to mail that sucker.

Dutifully, she blogged about the package, displaying its myriad wonders in a series of thoughtful photos. And as I viewed these photos from two thousand miles away, I suddenly knew with unshakable conviction that I would not do the Big Reveal: when the two months ended, I never wrote or posted to tell her who I am.

Why, you ask? Because I'm weird. Or maybe not. Suddenly, the idea of telling her "Surprise! A total stranger sent you all this stuff, and I'm that stranger!" floated above me like a big parachute of pointlessness, and I just didn't want to. In fact, I felt very determined that I DIDN'T want to. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her--she still got the package.

To this day, I occasionally drop by her blog, see how her kids are growing, read about her adventures in parenting. She seems like a nice gal, from a great distance, and that's how it should be.

I wonder if she ever did the cross-stitch I sent her, pulled up by the fire on a wintry evening, feet on a cross-stitched footstool, sipping a cup of cocoa. I believe the pattern I chose featured a little red house with the caption "Bless This Mess." Just kidding.


Jennifer said...

Hmmm...that's a good question and one I don't really have an answer to. ha! I am just fascinated by everything on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. I guess since my life is so normal, well as normal as any life can be, I enjoy watching the craziness unfold on that show. AND it always turns crazy. Either some girl goes psycho or a guy has a girlfriend back home, and there is always a catfight or two. It's like a train wreck that I can't turn away from.

This time I read from the beginning that Jake would choose Vienna and I just couldn't believe it. I wanted to believe that Jake was smarter than that. Well, he isn't. He let me down. How do I get so invested in these stupid reality shows you ask? That's a good question and I just don't know. But, I imagine that I'll be on my couch during the next Rose Ceremony too.

miss. chief said...


That secret blog pal sounds like something I'd be super into for like three days and then completely forget about yet feel intermittently guilty about for not doing more with it.

Myrnie said...

aaaaah! I am SO lousy at swaps, it's not even funny. I'm always ashamed of what I send. Of course, I feel that way at Christmas time too... I'm sure you sent a very lovely package :)

Caroline said...

I don't watch The Bachelor(ette), but I can understand. I was really attached to American Idol for the past two seasons. Still thrills me in embarrassing fashion that David Cook tweeted me once. LOL

I think I don't have the self esteem to watch those dating shows. Any one of those girls would be able to steal a man from me. I don't like that. ;)

Maybe your secret blog pal is out there Googling, trying to find out who her benefactor was, and now she'll find you. :) (My friend Shannon had a stranger find her after she mentioned them in her blog.) Sounds like a great gift package. You're brilliant and thoughtful -- and quite noble to not seek the credit.

Caroline said...

I'm sorry. Just had to comment again. The word verification for this one is "panti" -- who could resist that? ;)