Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 27: Stop Draggin' My Blog Around

After this, only four more posts! I am getting weary, as David would say. Weary of the daily posting. It's funny, because I often post every day anyway, but when I have's wearying. So just a quiet little post today.

The day began with me waking abruptly from a dream about vacationing in Korea. It was lovely. I totally want to go there now. It was nearly 9:00. What? After my back-to-back colds, I needed the rest. Feeling refreshed, I headed out to the kitchen for my bagel and my French Vanilla Fabulousness. Only two more days of bagels before the long breadstuff famine. And I'm down to my last two canisters of French Vanilla, too. It's literally painful for me to spoon the stuff into a mug, knowing the time of reckoning is nigh.

Jarrah is on Spring Break now, and I always like to have a project for the week. This time, it was going to be clearing her closet, shelves and drawers of 4T clothing, since the kid is in 6X now (some of the 5Ts are borderline.) I've been putting it off so long there were stacks and bags of clothing all over the room, covering every surface, because there were no longer hangers or space available for new stuff or even anything I happened to wash.

But now I need a new project because I suddenly tackled the whole mess today, briskly instructing Jarrah to try on anything I couldn't eyeball (which was a lot) and making massive piles everywhere. Ultimately, it was supremely satisfying to create a PotteryBarnKids-like tableau in her bedroom, wherein things like rockers and toy boxes and book shelves could go back to their original function. Now I just have to distribute the results. And Jarrah benefited, too, putting together a mighty strange ensemble from our treasure hunt, including a homemade ballerina skirt her friend Julianna wore in a recital when she was 2, and a tank top with giant buttons on the straps. She made it work.

Meanwhile, David was on the phone with H&R Block for about three hours (I wish I was exaggerating here) only to finally hear that he's going to have to start our taxes all over again due to some bug in the software. If only they'd just hire him to fix it. By the time we got around to leaving the house, it was after 2:00 and everyone was starving.

We decided to go see How To Train Your Dragon, which would have the dual function of being fun for Jarrah and research for David, and since we had free tickets to a particular theater, we also tried the new Bob's Big Boy at that mall. All I can say is, YUM. Why did that place ever go out of business? When I was a kid, they were everywhere. Now they are retro gold. The burgers are excellent, but Jarrah was particularly enamored of her mid-afternoon breakfast, labeled "Egg and Friends." She chose sausage and hotcakes for the friends, and indicated that she wanted her egg just like in the menu picture. "Sunny side up?" I asked incredulously. That clinched it. If she wanted it before then, she was doubly sure when it had such an intriguing name. I explained that the yolk would be soft and runny, and she nodded eagerly. Breaking the yolk and watching it ooze out was a major thrill. And she ended up scooping the final drops with a spoon, so sublime did she find it. Is my kid strange or what?

The movie was awesome. I don't really care about 3-D (Sam: "Will you still love me if I admit that I really could care less about 3-D?" David: "No. I mean, yes, of course!") but the relationship between Hiccup and his wounded dragon friend is sweetly magical, and the story hits all the right notes of familial love, budding romance, risky adventure, loyal friendship and wacky make-believe. I would say that I'm deeply engrossed in Jarrah's movies more often than some adults might be, but it certainly doesn't happen all the time (Can I interest you in some Squeakuel? No? Then you're smart.)

Couple of turns on the "care of self" (second time in the spinny tea-cup, which perversely doesn't bother her a bit) and then David and I were totally falling asleep on the drive home. After a day like ours, that really is strange.


Jenn said...

I LOVE spring cleaning and getting things organized. It feels great! Do you, by any chance, need a place to off load 4T clothing? We'd love to relieve your burden if you have no other place. : )

erin said...

Sounds wonderful.

We had a busy day yesterday and at 8am the next day I'm still exhausted.

Somebody else do my shopping for me today?

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a great day--though I could have done without the sunny side up description!

I'll miss the daily posts.

The Wades said...

Love sunny side up! That girl has taste.

Always feel so productive after going through clothes.

So you never found a huge stash of your coffee? That makes me sad. I wanted to be your hero with that but had no luck.

Poor David! That is a big fat bummer.