Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tiger's Blood

A nice weekend, which would have been elevated to a higher threat level than "nice" if I hadn't had this crazy stomachache for like five days now. I've run through every worst-case scenario possible, most of them at 3:00 a.m. Which I'm sure helps a lot. Today I felt a smidge better and went for a long sunset walk, after which I feel sort of ooky again. Ugh. Anyway, if you think I'm dying, please keep it to yourself.

Yesterday was the Year of the Tiger banquet at the Chinese church, which is an annual event held by Families with Children from China. It's always fun, and I have to admit this one was extra-great--the food was really yummy (and hot for once), the place looked beautiful, and there were five lion dancers (up from three last year.) One of them even snapped my fingers as he was taking my lucky envelope. Ouch! Silly lion. In the photos, though, you can see that all I'm thinking is "Owww. I mean OWWWWW. I want to lie down right now." (That's how I think--in rhyme. I'm just a natural bard.)

Jarrah was a bit shy this year, and chose not to take part in the kid's lion dance, or the call for volunteers during the Asian Story Theater. But you better believe she was up on stage afterward, and the first to discover an open mike. I was chatting with someone and suddenly heard, "Attention, everyone!" and whipped around saying "Um, that's my daughter." She and a few other kids were tickled to bits by the amplification, and there were a series of "Attentions!" and "The show is about to starts!" over the next half-hour. My favorite was when Jarrah commanded "Grown-ups, gather around the stage!" but it was all hype, no substance. The "show" consisted of them lying face down on the stage (which is the position the lions start in) and then more audience invocation a few seconds later. I tell you, it was so meta, I couldn't take it.

Today was the Purim Carnival, and Jarrah asked to go as Dorothy again. I am getting to be a wizard at braiding. (Hee.) The morning began with Jarrah and her preschool pals singing for us, which unfortunately was hard to hear because someone had given all the kids in the audience "groggers," which are metal, spinny noisemakers, useful for creating a din or removing a finger if you jam one inside. My favorite song was "Oy, Oy, Uncle Mordecai!" since they all had their little hands on their cheeks, bobbing their heads from side to side like tiny old Jewish ladies who have received the wrong flavor pie at the diner. The next part was the Purim Shpiel--the story of Purim--performed on stage by a group of teenagers. All girls, except for three sullen boys with electric guitars slumped against the wall. The girls were really too adorable, dancing and singing with varying degrees of tunefulness. The final number was called "Jews Rock!" and I'm here to assure you that yes, they do indeed rock.

Outside, there were all kinds of games and contests and cake-walks, but the only game that interested Jarrah was the one where you choose a lollipop and if it has a dot on it, you get another lollipop. Made sense to her. We paid two tickets for a run through the jump-jump obstacle course, but she actually took 83. Jarrah is all about the most value for her entertainment dollar. Soon after, David reprised his annual good citizen role by donating blood at the mobile bank parked in the middle of the carnival. He was gone a long time, and this year, Jarrah was very concerned by his questionable decision-making, especially after I explained that they would jam a needle in his arm and suck out a bunch of his blood with it. "Don't do it!" she shrieked, and held on to his leg. But she acquiesced when she heard he would receive juice and cookies afterward. She has her priorities, after all. In fact, when I asked what her favorite part of this year's carnival was, she quickly answered:

"The jump-jump! Oh, and the cotton candy. (pause) Actually, the cotton candy. That was the best part." Because she got her own, Readers. All to herself. We didn't even ask for a bite. She couldn't even speak to anyone while she was eating it, so transported was she to a far-away nirvana. Is it fair that this kid has six-pack abs?

So, the theme for March NaBloPoMo is "STRANGE(R)." I'm intrigued by that, but don't want to spend all month kvetching about how people annoy me. So I need your help, Readers. What are some potential topics? I am nothing without you.


Mary said...

Saturday was really fun, despite us both being under the weather!

I remember the lollipop game!

Hoping you are feeling better.

I am stumped on the topic, but I will give it some thought.



miss. chief said...

take photos of things you find odd and explain them to us, or come up with a theory about what they are


tell us some of the strange things you've done in your life

Stephanie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

You could start with strange diagnosis you've made at 3am.

Jennifer said...

I wonder who Jarrah takes after. ha!

I considered doing the NaPoBloMo this month, but the theme was not doing it for me. Then I didn't post yesterday because I was too focused on The Bachelor so maybe next month.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Caroline said...

What the heck is it about three a.m.? It seems to be a universal hour of horror. Hope you feel better soon.

I love that lollipop game, but my parents would never spring for the first one, so there was never a second.

Too funny about Jarrah's priorities (juice and cookies) and very awesome about David donating blood.

The Wades said...

I LOVE when you participate in that! I know there will be a new post waiting when I click over.

If I were participating, I'd do a post about how I did a simple Google search to see was dragon fruit was, and ended up finding one of the most talented writers I've ever read. :) I mean that. You speak to me. Great stuff here. Excited to see what this month has in store.