Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something New and...Brown

We had a first for our house last night. Projectile vomiting all over the living room. I've never actually seen anyone projectile vomit before, though I know it's the stuff of legend. It is pretty impressive, if you've never had the pleasure.

Jarrah and I were snuggled in our WHITE armchair, reading together. She had her head on my chest. All of this should have been my first clue, since the kid does not snuggle. Physical contact is limited to occasions when she is terrified or has a big owie. I was sitting there, all comfy, congratulating myself on this "bonding breakthrough," and then I felt a hot splash across my arm. It seemed to come from nowhere, and for a second I thought she'd peed on me. I looked at my arm, and then the next splash cascaded across the crotch of my WHITE shorts.

I must admit I yelped rather uncompassionately, and leaped out of the chair. Jarrah was so surprised she didn't even cry. She just stood there, continuing to hurl. David ran for a bowl, positioned it in front of her, and she proceeded to hurl right over it, like she was getting points for distance.

It really was the saddest sight to behold. Afterwards, she looked at us, her sweet little face covered in spew, and said "Uh, I think I might be a little bit sick." David and I laughed, quietly but helplessly, and said "Oh, sweetie, you're definitely a bit sick."

Then she said, "My throwing up is bad," and we hastened to assure her that throwing up is a good thing, that you can get rid of stuff your tummy doesn't want that way. That seemed to reassure her, and she allowed herself to be led away for a bath.

Weirdly, she was absolutely fine after that. Talking up a storm, even saying she was hungry and thirsty. She had no fever, and slept 12 hours like a champ. Today she's been fine. Well, maybe her appetite hasn't been quite up to speed, but that's to be expected.

We've known Jarrah over three years, and the only other time she's thrown up, she had pneumonia and the doctor said it was just because she was coughing. Anyone know how to get vomit out of carpet without using a lot of chemicals?


Myrnie said...

Ooh, poor little girl! First time my brother was sick like that was New Years' Eve, and he was much to young to be up that late and eating all that food. He did it right on Dad's new fur-lined house slippers then looked up into Dad's face and blankly said "I burped." Yes, you did.

I haven't tried it on vomit, but it works like a charm with other body fluids (spit up, and others.) It's an enzyme liquid "Kids n Pets Instant All Purpose Stain and Odor Remover." I found it for a few dollars at Target, and it just seems to eat anything organic, but doesn't affect the carpet at all. Good luck!

Jenn said...

No advice on how to get out the stain...our projectile episode was over the dinner table and landed on the tile floor about a month ago. Also, H was fine afterwards, had one more episode because we let her eat (big mistake) but the next day: FINE. It was a quick on and off. I'll take a high fever though any day over vomiting. Be well Jarrah!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

"she proceeded to hurl right over it, like she was getting points for distance"

You're always saying things that make me laugh rather than be grossed out.

Poor little thing. I've used some sort of enzyme something from Petco or Petsmart. Laura used to hurl all the time in my car. Eventually, I just traded in the car for a new one (now our earlier conversations about your new shoes and old car make more sense, huh?). Baking soda? Would that work for carpet odor? Heck, don't tell anyone that I was talking about cleaning, okay? First I post about using my Crock-Pot and now this. People are gonna start to think I actually do something once in a while.

I hope Jarrah's feeling better. Had she eaten anything new to her diet?

Jen said...

Oh, poor little thing! I am so glad that this seems not to have been traumatic for her, though.

For you, well. I'll second the suggestion of going to a pet store. The stuff we use is in a white bottle with a red lid and red writing--works well.

Also, there's good old soda water.

When Sage was 1, we all the three of us got the stomach flu. Luckily, I got it first, and by the time Sage and David got it, I was able to take care of them a bit. I just remember changing the sheets about six times and dousing Sage in the shower a lot! It was no fun. Sounds like Jarrah may just have eaten something that didn't agree with her?

Anyway, indeed, that image of her vomiting OVER the bowl is just too funny for words!

Miss J

Paul and Heather said...

Oy...poor Jarrah and poor you and David!
I would just use a carpet shampooer and then cat pee enzyme stuff from the pet store. I can't remember the name but it comes in a red and white bottle, spray or jug. It is all enzymes and it will get rid of any odar. Apparetnly the enzyme likes to eat little nasty that is how it works. Good luck!

Caroline said...

You guys are so brave. All three of you.

Another recommendation for the Kids & Pets enzyme cleaner.

Hope it's a non-recurring event!

DrSpouse said...

Oh my. And ewww.

No tips (though I've had a cat who projectile vomited, thankfully she did it on a concrete floor). But my dad had pyloric stenosis which leads to projectile vomiting at birth, and which since he was born in 1939 he was extremely lucky to have an operation and survive. I've always thought how freaked out his parents must have been.

Amanda said...

awwhh, poor Jarrah.
No advise on getting it out. We have a steam cleaner I bought back when my son was a few weeks old and had pyloric stenosis, which causes them to projectile vomit ALL the time. (until he had surgery to fix it)
We do try to buy the "green" cleaner to go in it.

Lisa Gillespie said...

Poor Miss J! I am reminded of the projectile vomit scene in "I Love You, Man,"--which you recommended--and I saw this past weekend. It was absolutely hilarious---James and I laughed right through the whole thing :-D Thanks for the tip.

My course of stain-fighting action would be Oxy-Clean (the powdered kind for laundry--not the spray) and Febreze. Both are miracle products IMHO. With Oxy-Clean you mix it up in a bottle and squirt it on the stain (there are directions on the container). The stain really does start to disappear immediately. I then place a thick old towel(s) on top of the stain, topped by something heavy (I have marble bookends). Come back in a day and see where you are with the stain. If it is not gone, repeat the process (I usually have to repeat 2 or 3 times). Your carpet will eventually look fab. :-)

Febreze smells great (odor is not overpowering), and there is some science behind the odor-fighting (which I will not bore you with here). I know it is not the chemical-free solution you were looking for, but if all else fails.....

Glad Miss J. is feeling better!!

Love, Lisa

Lisa Gillespie said...

Okay, because you knew I was going to be totally OCD about this:

-It is Oxi-Clean (not Oxy). You can find a scent-free version in the laundry area of the Target we love so well in Mission Valley (still has a scent--don't know how they get away with that).

-Stay away from "Extra Strength" Febreze, if at all possible (might be difficult, because I have not seen any "regular" Febreze lately, but the Febreze website says there is still plenty of it to choose from). I do find the "Extra Strength" smell to be overpowering and too strong (eyes watering, etc.)

Hope this helps...

Love, Lisa

MelADramatic Mommy said...

Oh, poor thing! I do not do well with vomit. Good luck with the furniture! I wish I had a suggestion. Maybe that new organic carpet cleaning service I see advertising also does fabrics?

Mary said...

Poor baby! I am glad that she is feeling better! Please give her a kiss for me!