Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Torvald, I've Stopped Believing In Miracles

I'm all anxious and on edge. My show opens tomorrow night. And we've never even had a proper run-through. Not even an improper, unseemly one. Last night was all about hammering out tech cues. It promises to be a late night tonight. I did finally get to practice with my gun, synching the sound of the 1858 revolver to my cue, which was kind of fun. But our director announced that he'd like all the women to come out on stage in our underwear and get dressed in period costume while acting our scenes, which occasioned a bit of resistance, to say the least. See what you're missing by not reading my secret theater blog? :) There was also a cute moment when I came on stage as Hedda and did a little boogie to Bill Withers "Use Me," and someone from the audience (I couldn't really see in the glare of the spotlight, dontcha know) whined "Why does she get all that time to dance around?" and about four people shouted in unison "Because she's Sam!" Whether or not they meant that disparagingly, must remain a mystery. :)

Today, in addition to everything else I usually do, I will be:

a) re-reading A Doll's House. I want to understand Nora better. Back to the text.
b) trying to memorize that *&^%$#$ opening speech. Last night I sounded like I was delivering it after a handful of sleeping pills, which is perhaps appropriate.
c) singing along with our finale song on iTunes, "49 Bye-Byes." Why? Because I STILL don't know the words.
d) muttering my major speeches to myself, to make sure I haven't forgotten them.
e) ironing my thrift-store costumes, as I had to wash them to get that granny's attic smell out.

Anyway, in the few hours allotted for sleep these days, I am not doing enough of that. Any tips? Don't say drugs. You know what a crunchy, organic, pure kind of girl I am. (This reminds me that one of my students back at UMass described herself in an essay as "I'm sort of an Oh! Natural! kind of girl." Hee.)

If you plan to be in town Wednesday or Thursday night and are jonesin' for a fix of 19th century realist theater and some, ahem, unpredictable flourishes, I can hook you up.


erin said...

I would totally go if I were in San Diego AND could get a sitter. Either one of those things seems as unlucky as the other...

DrSpouse said...

Damn shame as I will be in Denver freezing my backside off.

Stephanie said...

Looking forward to it!!

Anonymous said...

Break a leg!

Wish I could see it!

Miss J

Caroline said...

I can't wait to see it!

lix said...

Can't wait to hear about how it went! At least we know your costume will be fabulous... :) Lix

Marlene said...

I'm on tenterhooks waiting to hear. xoxo

Mary said...


You were great! I wish I had paid more attention to Ibsen in college, though. It was fun to get a refresher.

Hope tonight went just as well!



Laural Out Loud said...

How did it go?! I wish I'd been paying more attention to the blog world, I totally would've come!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

How do I keep missing these?

Only the two nights?

I'm sorry, Sam.

The Wades said...

Why don't you move to Albuquerque and star in some amazing productions (hee hee) here. I'd go to every single one--really, I would! :) I think it's time for you to expand your horizons.

The Wades said...

And geez, creative one--I never mention how great all your titles are. They are little masterpieces in themselves.

I'm a fan of Sam, I am!