Thursday, March 19, 2009

Question for the Sages

We've had friends visiting from Alabama this past week, so I haven't had a moment to blog. I'll write something more substantial in the next couple of days, but in the mean time, a quickie:

We live near a major highway that is fronted with malls, and one of them has a sort of Jump-Jump World in its parking lot. I'm talkin' serious jump-jumps. One is shaped like the Titanic. In the act of sinking. The kids can gaze longingly at the massive inflatables from their car seat perches as they whiz past and start working you for a visit. And they do.

I am nothing if not generous, so I did do the research. Turns out the place costs like $20 to enter, and then they charge another $10 for the parent who is just standing there! Not even jumping! That was crazy. And there's no shade. We could wait and jump at someone's birthday party, or at the farmers market, or someplace else we could do it for a couple bucks.

So here we are, driving down the freeway:

Jarrah: Mom! Look! Can we go there?

Sam: Nooooo....I'm sorry, honey.

Jarrah: Why NOT?

Sam: Because it costs like a million dollars.

Jarrah: How come the other parents can afford it?


Paul and Heather said...

That is awesome!

Aunt LoLo said...

"Because, honey, the other parents would rather jump than buy food to eat. They'll starve to death soon"

Or something like that ;-)

erin said...

I told Olivia, the recently annointed know it all, that she couldn't get a new bike for awhile because we had just bought Mario Party for her and her sisters. She says,super ticked off, "That doesn't make sense, we have lots of money...Jeremiah ran out of the house yesterday to get MILK Mom! MILK!"

DrSpouse said...

When I was about 7 my mother said I could choose a toy when she went to the store. I first asked for a colouring book, I think, and then said "if they don't have one, can I have a Sasha doll*?"

*I think these cost about 5-10GBP in the 1970s so you can imagine what that's equivalent to.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Jarrah brings up a good point, but we'd expect nothing less of that fabulously quick mind of hers (a chip off the ol' block that girl). The truth is, you could pay the $30 too, if you thought it was appropriate. What I tell my children when they want something (for argument's sake, let's say it is something that I can afford, and even that their friends' parents buy): What I am able to buy for you and what I deem appropriate to buy for you are two different questions. Just because I can do (or buy) something, or just because other parents think it is appropriate to do (or buy) something, doesn't mean that I do.

You don't think $30 to jump is appropriate (NEITHER WOULD I), so we don't have to get into whether you can spend $30 or whether other parents would pay for it. If I were a billionaire, I'd think $30 for a jumping session is ridiculous. However, if the jumping session were something Jarrah really wanted and it was a birthday or special occasion, maybe.

I listen to what my children want and why. I hear them. And then? I decide if it is appropriate.

You're the mom, you are the Decider.

Love, Sage Cheri (Heh!)

P.S. I'm such an arse. I overthink everything. Blech.

Sam said...

Cheri, I am totally going to use that distinction! Thanks! Now about this baby I've got that two women are clamoring for...cut in half, or what? :)

Amanda said...

Told you that little one of your was to smart for her own good!!

haha...Jarrah cracks me up!

G-D said...

If they had called it a "Bouncy Castle" like you're supposed to, I would have said cough up the $30.

But for a "Jump Jump"? Ridiculous!

btw, I'm not impugning your parenting skills. I just would do anything, ANYTHING, for a Bouncy Castle!!

The Wades said...

Let the girl jump! ;)

dena said...

Sam- so glad you're back!

Now, how exactly did you respond to that kind of reasoning? She is one smart cookie, a quick on the draw too!

Anonymous said...

Why pay $30 when you could jump for free at Chik Fil A (near the Sports Arena)? From 5-7 on Tuesday nights, they have a free jumper, and free kid's meals, too. (OK,it's not so elaborate, but free is good.)

Sue B