Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm Glad We've Got That All Worked Out

Jarrah: Mommy, Amelia is a small 4-year-old. But I am a big 4-year-old. And so is Sophie.

Sam: Em, well, it's nice to have people of all different sizes.

Jarrah: But I am very big.

Sam: Yes, you are big for your age.

Jarrah: I am as big as you and Daddy. Because we are The Big Family!

Sam: Well, I'm not really that big. In fact, I'm actually kind of small for a grown-up. Someday you may be a lot taller than your mama.

Jarrah: But you're big! You're the same size as me!

Sam: Well, I'm a little bigger than you. But small compared to Daddy. In fact, Daddy teases me because I'm so much smaller than him.

Jarrah: You should use your words and ask him not to do that!

Sam: You're right, I should.

Jarrah: You say, 'Daddy, don't do that!' Then he will stop doing that, and he will call you Big Mama.

Sam: Oh...I don't know if that's necessary...

Jarrah: From now on I will call you Big Mama, 'kay?

Sam: Em, okay.


Type (little) a said...


I heart her.

Aunt LoLo said...

It's a compliment! Big Mama (and Boo Mama) are two of my FAVORITE bloggers. :-)

Yesterday, BBJ's little playdate walked up behind me in the kitchen and said, "You look like a Mama!"

Umm...thank you, precocious little two year old. I'll keep that in mind.

Sam said...

@Type: Miss you. When is that new blog launching? :)

@Lolo: Um, except that you look like a super-model, so...wha? And girlfriend--Jarrah knows better than to compare me to any other bloggers. ;)

Amanda said...


Oh that Jarrah! She is CLASSIC!! Love it!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I love that big girl.

Myrnie said...

Ooh, if Aunt LoLo looks like a Super Model, can I look like one too? Since we're twins and all? *sigh* she's always been the pretty one :)

Congrats, Big Mama. It's nice to have a title in this world!

katydidnot said...

frick. that came right around and bit you in the...whatever.


Sam said...

@Myrnie: Twins! I didn't know! That explains a lot. :) And yes, I had been thinking that "supermodelitis" ran in your family. :) So there!

erin said...

All three of my daughters are extremely thin, and seemingly will be for life, but I am....not. And my baby son is also a little on the 'chubby' side. So Olivia, my six year old is constantly referring to us as the round two. 'Very round!'

Laural Out Loud said...

I thought of Big Mama the blogger, too! Though I doubt she likes to be called that in public, either.

The Wades said...

She is so very logical, that Jarrah. And I am impressed that she knows how to use her big girl words--and teach others to do the same!

Anonymous said...

"use your words"! :) Hee-hee! XX lix