Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She's Crafty (She's Just My Type)

Jarrah is in a wrapping phase. I buy multi-packs of off-brand tape at the dollar store and she uses it and our unpaid bills to encapsulate everything in the house. Every time I sit down, it's on a hard wad of crayoned paper, strapped to a degree that would have even Criss Angel scratching his head. Sometimes she tells me these packages are "gifts," and how "lovely" it will be for me to open one. When I do, it contains a white-board eraser, a doll's head, or my car keys. Happy Birthday!

Tonight, however, she got herself into a sort of conundrum. There was a discussion, and perhaps an argument. I'm not really sure, because I was assiduously not listening and reading magazines on the couch (what the hell IS that poking me in the butt??) while it was going on. What I mean is, David was handling it. When they reached an impasse, Jarrah came to me, proffering a triangular parcel with a dangerous-looking pointy end.

Jarrah: Mommy, I need a grown-up's help for something.

Sam: Mmmmm. What do you need a grown-up's help for?

Jarrah: I need a grown-up's help with the scissors because I need to wrap something.

Sam: Where are your scissors?

Jarrah: Here. (indicates pointy parcel) I wrapped them.

Sam: Well, I don't think you need to be using any grown-up scissors.

Jarrah: No, I really do. I have to make something.

Sam: Well, I think you can just use your scissors.

Jarrah: No, my scissors are wrapped.

Sam: Unwrap them, then.

Jarrah: No! They're a present!

Sam: And when you unwrap them, you can use them to make ANOTHER present.

Jarrah: Oh. You're right.

Sam: (incredulous, laughing) I'm right? Well, thank you. Now that's something you will NEVER say when you're a teenager.

Jarrah: (looking me in the eye) You never know.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You know how folks are always writing LOL! I really did. And then? Laura hollered from her bed. "I heard something!"

Jen said...

You're brilliant to get out of that impasse so cleverly!

We've got the wrapping going on here, too. Her favorite is to use those little packages of patterned tissues you can get for 99 cents. But yes, she'll use any paper that is at hand, especially if it's a really important piece of paper that can't be bent or lost. ;-)

Do save that little exchange for her teenage years, to take it out an some opportune time!

Paul and Heather said...

you really gotta love this girl!!!

Marlene said...

Do you know that I almost cried when I read this. I hope so, sister. I hope so.

Amanda said...

your little one is to smart! that is to funny! Hopefully we will all get to hear "you're right" at least once when they are teenagers, but I am not getting my hopes up!

Mary said...

This is funny!

I am hoping for Part 2-when she wraps the tape!

That would be a bit more difficult, I guess!



lisa said...

hi - michelle's nm friend here -

we wrap everything here, too...what is that??

i, like michelle, love a good turn of phrase and 'proffering a triangular parcel' was delightful!!i simply could not let that go uncommented upon... i'm surprised i beat her to the commenting punch, i know she'll love that one, as well

you are always a pleasure to read, thank you