Saturday, January 17, 2009

Being Dramatic...Again

Just a quick note to let the few and proud readers of my Secret Theater Blog know that I have a new post up there. If you were invited before, your invitation still stands.

And if you've never been invited, and would like to be, you need only ask, dahlings. Send me your e-mail and get all the uncensored scoop.

See you backstage!


Anonymous said...

Oddly, I checked over there this morning....hmmmmmm....I must be reading your mind, now there's a scary thought!


The Wades said...

Are you kidding? So excited about that. I had all but given up on a new post. Readers, if you haven't checked out that blog, you're missin'!

Sam, thanks for making my Sunday. :)

Amanda said...

Ok, well after all of that I want in.