Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello, Last Word? Can I Have You?

Today, at the supermarket, a man gave Jarrah a balloon (he worked there--nothing creepy.) The following conversation took place while I was loading up the conveyor belt.

Jarrah: Mommy? I'm worried about my balloon. How about we drive home real quick and put it in the house where it will be safe?

Sam: (knowing that our next stop was literally next door) No, that's really not convenient. We're going for fro-yo next.

Jarrah: But Mommy? What if someone opens the door to fro-yo and my balloon escapes?

Sam: (thrilled with my own brilliance) We'll tie it to a chair!

Jarrah: Oh, okay. (pause) What kind of chair?


Mrs. S said...

hahaha she is so funny! I love how much she thinks about EVERYTHING!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Laura always worried about balloons getting away too. What is up with that? It got so when she was offered one, she'd say, no thank you. I'd encourage her to take the balloon, take the risk, and worst case scenario enjoy the balloon for as long as it stays around. No, that's okay, she'd say, I'd rather just leave it safely where it is.

The Wades said...

I have gotten where I cringe when someone offers any of my FOUR children a balloon. Nothing good can come of it. POP!! CRY! YELL! ahhhh.

Marlene said...

Hey, any kid who can write her name like that is bound to want the details.