Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Jarrah has an imaginary doggie. She procured him suddenly, while lunching with her Aunt Lindsey and her ACTUAL dog, Zooey, this weekend. Jarrah says her dog is also named Zooey, but sometimes she has five dogs, and then the others are named Kimbo, Autrah, Robot Puff and To-MAH-to Puff.

These are very well-behaved dogs, Jarrah tells me. "They don't woof, well, they woof a little, but not too much." They like a nice bone. They also like fruit. They like to go for walkies. Sometimes they don't listen, though, and have to go in time out. But never for woofing. They like to ride in the car, but they need help with their car seats.

Yesterday while we were grocery shopping, I heard a story about the five dogs that clocked in at 20 minutes. And it only ended then because we ran into a friend. As I said hello, I realized that at that moment, my brain was truly a warm, milky mush, haphazardly splashed into my cranium. I had been evenly dividing my attention between choosing the right cereal, and responding "Uh-huh" and "Really?" at the appropriate intervals in the doggie story, and doing it so well, apparently, that all other functions had been shut down.

Jarrah has been asking to sleep with her dog. Not in the bed, mind you--he'd take up too much room. She wants the dog in her green rocker. Today she asked if she could bring her dog to school. "Sure, why not?" I said.

I love it when I can be agreeable without effort. Agreeable is usually a tough sell with me.


Jen said...

LOL! She is SUCH a character! What a cute story.

And by the way, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card Jarrah sent. She is an accomplished artist! Thank you.

Miss J

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Well, look at you! PrompTuesday #21 all done with this sweet Jarrah tale.

Sam said...

@Cheri: I just checked it out at San Diego Momma. How funny! I had no idea...

Michael said...

I love the five imaginary doggies! Jarrah has a great imagination. It reminds me of Cameron's imaginary pet ant "Jelly" who taught him to ride a motorcycle. Cameron also has five imaginary children he has adopted from China -- "Sammy, Jack, Bricky, Rocky and Flaggy" - I suspect the last three were named by looking around the front-yard, but who's to judge. I have spent hours agreeing to imaginary play -- pulled out of my reverie only when I contribute something clever to the conversation and am told "Mom! it's only a stuffed animal, or it's only make-believe" -- Who's the chucklehead then?

Mamasphere said...

I swear, our daughters are going through the exact same things at the exact same times! Gabi is all into her pretend baby dalmation. Heaven forbid I don't hold the door open long enough for her to walk through, or give it a night night kiss on the right spot. And the non-stop talking! My brain feels like oatmeal most of the time now.

Anonymous said...

That is too cute!

Where can I buy an imaginary friend for Joy?



The Wades said...

why don't my children have imaginary friends/pets? i must be doing something wrong. do you thing it's because i don't let them talk???!!! ;)