Friday, July 02, 2010

Miss Independence

I can't believe it's been over a week since I've posted.

Last summer I wrote just about every day. I was in a blogging frenzy. I think back then I was eager to share everything that was on my mind. Somehow these days I'm not so eager.

I do have a cheery post with photos coming later today or tomorrow. This is more of a rambling "checking in" sort of post. You know those?

Jarrah is in science camp this week at the YMCA. Every day she brings home a little pile of "experiments," most of which involve really loud whistles which she blows on the drive home until I think my head will explode. Yesterday there was a test tube: "This is an experiment." "What kind of experiment?" No enlightenment. It's just a test tube filled with murky brown liquid. Thankfully, it's glued shut. She also brought home a tiny terrarium with a real, live worm inside, plus instructions for keeping him alive. I think we must have missed number one on that list: "Keep whereabouts of worm known to you." Alas, our worm friend went missing (along with his house) in the first hour of joining our family, never to be seen again. Readers, perhaps we're not ready for a dog.

Jarrah's counselors keep telling me how awesome she is, what a good listener, and how she's their favorite. I just love hearing this! I want to see all their compliments as a reflection on my awesome parenting, but I have a feeling the real culprit is Price Family Preschool. Well, I made the decision to send her there, so do I get points for that? In any case, Jarrah is like a minor celebrity at the Y, and about a dozen people of all ages yell "Bye, Jarrah!" as we head to the car each day. It's really cute.

I have been immersed in plans for the 48 Hour Film Project, which kicks off July 16th. Gulp. Just writing that date scares me. As I am fond of saying, once 7:00 rolls around, it's a free fall to the finish line, and we'll know if we have another stellar year (how unlikely would that be two years in a row?) or one where we are disqualified and plagued by bad luck (that, we've seen, is very likely.) I need to get to a peaceful place where I see the whole thing as a lark and que sera, sera and all that. Then the outcome doesn't matter.

The best part of the planning so far was a party David and I attended last Friday night in a hotel courtyard in Old Town. The place was packed with actors, musicians and techies but I felt instantly shy and figured I would hide in a corner all evening, sending snarky texts to Robyn, who has been my partner in crime for all the other meet-ups. No sooner had I planted my tush than a couple who recognized me from a panel approached and began a snow job on how I needed them to write our film: "I am quite the storyteller, and can always bring a laugh or a tear..." I spent the whole evening schmoozing, and sometimes people couldn't even wait for me to finish with one conversation but would timidly touch my arm and say "Excuse me...please put me in your film!" I had a purse full of business cards by the end of the night, plus CDs, head shots and phone numbers. I tell you, the way to meet people is clearly to show up at entertainment-themed gatherings and announce that you're a filmmaker. I feel certain that if I'd needed a hunky boyfriend (not that I do) there were several available for the asking. My favorite experience was meeting up again with a young lady who'd auditioned for us (very well) and hanging out with her for an hour, swapping stories about our respective junior years abroad in Europe. She was so cool and funny, I instantly wished she could star in our movie, but I think we're all full up in the acting department.

And so, July is upon us. It's a long Independence Day weekend, and there will be a BBQ or two. Hopefully some fireworks, now that Jarrah is old enough to stay up for them. Weather-wise, it doesn't feel like summer yet, but all the other signs are there.

Happy 4th, everyone.

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katydidnot said...

I would move if I lost a worm in my house.