Saturday, July 03, 2010

Schooled By Scooby-Doo

Saturday morning gardening conversation:

Jarrah: Mommy, why do roses have thorns?

Sam: To protect them, I guess.

Jarrah: And it really, really hurts when one pokes you, right?

Sam: It really does.

Jarrah: But you don't stop taking care of the roses, because you're brave, right?

Sam: Right. Because I'm brave.

Jarrah: That's what people do. They do things, even when they hurt, because they're brave. They don't give up.

Sam: Right. (pause) Well, it depends. I mean, if it's something really stupid, you wouldn't want to do it. Like, if your friends asked you to jump off a cliff, you wouldn't do that just because you're brave, right?

Jarrah: Right. (pause) Unless I had a parachute. Then it would be fine.

Sam: Um...yeah.

Jarrah: Unless it was over a river filled with crocodiles. That wouldn't be a good idea.


Jarrah: You'd fall in the river, get eaten by crocodiles, and then you'd NEVER have a child.

Sam: I suppose not.

Jarrah: Because that would be the end of you.


Jen said...

What a smarypants! This is a hilarious conversation!

Mary said...

Love this one.

My mom always said that a thorn bush has roses, not the other way around!



Jennifer said...

Love this! She is such a smarty and a good thinker!