Tuesday, July 27, 2010

700th Post

Hard to believe I've been writing in this space for nearly five years now. In blog years, I think that's more like 50. I'm a tenacious little scamp. You have to grant me that.

The last time I took stock of the blog was my 500th post, and the blogosphere seems to have undergone a change since then. Specifically, I'm not sure people are blogging and checking blogs quite as much as they used to, now that Facebook is so ubiquitous. That's my theory, anyway. I know that I am on Facebook so much, and do so much commenting there, that I wear myself out before making the blog rounds. Oh, sure, I'm still reading all the blogs I used to, but I haven't added any in a long time.

One reason for that is I used to add blogs to my reader each time someone new stopped by and visited mine. I don't think that's happening as much. Everyone's focus is pulled in the direction of Facebook and Twitter and who-knows-what-all. Or, I could be making excuses. Maybe people have BTDT on my blog and just want a fresh fix elsewhere. I can understand that. I don't like it, but I can understand it.

My comments have dwindled massively in the past six months. Maybe it's been a year and I wasn't quite paying attention at first. It used to be that within an hour of publishing a new post, someone would stop by and comment. Now it's often a day before that happens. I'm starting to adjust, as I have adjusted to all the other massive change in the past five years. Resistant as I am to change, it has to be done.

What about you, Readers? What are your thoughts on the blogosphere these days? Have you noticed any changes? I'd be very interested to hear about it. Plus it's a way to trick you into commenting. Oooh, I'm a crafty one.

In other news, I have finally updated my "secret theater blog" with a new post. If you once had an invitation, it's still good. Check it out. I promise it's not crazy-long.

And Wednesday night is the world premiere of our 48 Hour Film Project movie, The Hot Seat. Speaking of Facebook, you can like us on the Bridge of Hands Therapy Center page. And of course the Cane Toads (that's our team) would love to see you on the red carpet at UltraStar Mission Valley, screening at 8:00 p.m. Come out and vote for us, y'all.


Myrnie said...

Umm...I'm just getting lazier about commenting. True story. Most of the time when I leave a comment, the author never acknowledges me and I feel like the loser new girl in my 3rd grade class all over again. Obviously, you're not included in that group, you sweetheart :)

Sam said...

Oh, you bring up a good point, Myrnie! I've been meaning to get an e-mail hook-up to my blog for a long time...perhaps that will be this weekend's project. :) I always adore hearing from you and your sis after I comment! :)

Also? Congratulations! ;) (you look amazing.)

Aunt LoLo said...

oh yeah! I actually was just thinking about mentioning the whole attach-an-addy thing...but your current address links you to a university, so....guess you'd need a new one?

And, yeah - comments are SLOW right now. I'm not leaving any, I'm not getting any (and yes, that's a catch-22). Also, it's summer....and some of my "buddies" just aren't BLOGGING right now!

Jen said...

Here is my comment! :-)

But truly--congrats on reaching 700. And as usual, I wish I could be there to support you this weekend. When do we get to see the film?????

Jennifer said...

Congrats on reaching 700! That's awesome. I think facebook does have a lot to do with it, but I also think there are still certain groups of bloggers. I had LOTS of infertility blogs I would read when we were going that route. I stopped visiting quite a few when they all kept getting pregnant. That's terrible I know, but I just couldn't deal with it.

Now we are in a waiting type of place and I honestly have too many blogs I follow to begin with so I can't add anymore unless I delete some. ha! I just can't keep up with the ones I have.

As for my own blogging, I'm kind of in a blogging funk right now with summer being here and just not much to write about.

Kate in Perth said...

Depends on what kind of blog. I noticed it with knitting blogs when Ravelry (an online knit & crochet community) took off, but food blogs are still going strong. I'm just the worst kind of blog reader. As much as I am a devoted reader of your blog, Sam, this is my first comment! So remiss! But I love your posts, the longer the better.

Joan said...

We are still avid readers even when we fail to comment, so please keep it up. Wish we could join the cheer squad at the screening. J&J

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on 700! For me I started reading certain blogs mostly due to a specific interest and those interests have changed either on my end or the writers' end and I haven't bothered to seek out new stuff. There are a handful I keep up with for the writing, humor and/or attitude.

Though I fear the lure of FB, I think you're right on...

Anonymous said...

congrats on hitting 700 - thats a massive number of blog posts. I've enjoyed reading them (I think I've gone close to reading them all).

I think that I'm still reading the blogs I enjoy and skipping quickly those that don't capture me but if they do then I'll come back again and again. I love reading yours so that I have a feeling of connection to what you guys are doing and to SD (from my visits). Since Kate and I have had Violet I am more understanding of the depth of the journey you and Dave have had with Jarrah, and looking back at some of your trip to China moved me deeply. Not many blogs can do that. Well done and we look forward to 7000? more posts and seeing you sometime soon.

Ian Perth.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Congrats on 700! You are tenacious indeed, nor do you pussyfoot around with silliness -- you're funny as ever and poignant, insightful, and entertaining. You never disappoint. I'm glad you've kept at it in such earnest.

The Wades said...

Sam, I have noticed the same thing. I'm sure you know that from the pathetic post you read of mine on pretty much the same matter. One of my readers commented that she noticed a big decline during the summer. That could be it. Also true that I do not have a lot of free time to comment on other blogs as of late. That affects those that come to mine. Fine. Whatever.

Know that I ADORE your blog. If I have time to read your posts, they are always a pleasure to me. Good times indeed.

Keep on keepin' on. :)