Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kiss Today Goodbye

So, Jarrah has just started an acting class at the same theater where I am rehearsing for Sylvia. In fact, the acting class is taught by Sylvia herself. In typical fashion, Jarrah is rapturously in love with all things related to this class--the stage time, the singing, learning her lines, her "friends" (all of whom are several years older and seem to be SAG-certified.) I will be very curious to see the "final presentation," but in the mean time I am asked every single day on the walk from school to the car "Is it Thursday? I have acting class?"

This week, we arrived five minutes before class time and the door was locked, so we got comfortable on the steps. A moment later, another mom arrived with two other students, who told me they are eight. They were both very nice to Jarrah. The mom, however, was not inclined to speak to me, and sat as far from me as she could and still be on the porch. Oh well. I guess I do look kind of terrifying.

The girls noticed the poster for Sylvia next to the door. Jarrah heard them talking about it and rushed over. "Mommy's in that show!" she shouted.

The girls turned to look at me, perhaps admiringly. "Are you in Sylvia?" asked one.

"I am," I said, smiling.

The girl turned to her mother. "Is that a grown-up show?"

Even though the question was not directed at me, I figured I would take it, being the authority and all. "It is a grown-up show," I said.

Intrigued now, the girl crossed the porch so she was standing directly in front of me. Jarrah followed. "And does it have bad words?"

"It does," I confirmed ruefully. "It has a LOT of bad words."

"And Mommy says most of them!" Jarrah shouted.

Now the other mom really wants to be my friend, I can totally tell.


Anonymous said...

Woulda worked for me! Sells me on the play even more. :) Come on... Tell us one of those bad words right now...

The Wades said...

She should want to be your friend, you edgy thing, you! I don't get how some people are so unfriendly. Maybe she was having a bad day. I'm going to go with that.

So cute that Jarrah knows all about it.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

So, Sylvia is badazz?

And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it now? Love it!

Jennifer said...

Ha! Love it! Jarrah is quite the authority on all things Sylvia.

Mary said...

Following in your footsteps-so cute!



Jen said...

Very cute! I do hope that other mom wised up and tried to become your friend.