Thursday, October 08, 2009

What You Didn't Know About Dorothy

Jarrah and I bought her Halloween costume yesterday. I've been putting it off, because she keeps changing her mind. "I either want to be Doro-fee, or a cat. Doro-fee, or a zombie." I didn't want to get in a situation where Dorothy was summarily rejected and I had to buy two costumes. Because, Readers? That wasn't actually going to happen.

By some miracle, Target in Grossmont Center had exactly one Dorothy costume left, and it was Jarrah's size. More or less. Better a bit big than a bit small, right? When we got home, she wanted to try it on. "This is going to itch," I warned, noting the netted underskirt and the velcro closure. But she didn't complain. Wore it all afternoon, in fact.

Today, she asked to put it on again. And seems even more delighted. Just now, I walked by the living room, and she was spinning in circles, because it makes the dress "go way up." And here's what she told me:

The dress has rainbows, Mama. Which makes me Rainbow Girl. That means I have rainbow powers. My dress shoots rainbows, which makes the bad guys...fall asleep.

Leave it to Jarrah to make a superhero out of Dorothy. Come to think of it, she had powers last year, too, when she was a mean witch ("only mean witches have powers. Nice ones don't".) And even the year before, when she was a bee.


erin said...

Rose is going to be a 'sorceress' Olivia is going to be a 'gay witch'(gay is her new favorite word, because she 'is always happy') and Max is going to be a 'leopard'.

The problem is although their dad bought the two older girls' costumes he can't find max a black leopard costume. Apparently she bawls everytime he tries to get her to wear a regular cat costume. So...(he's an artist) he's going to paint a cat costume to make it more leopard like. I would have just let her bawl.
Jarrah is a super hero, can she send a rainbow spell over here tonight to make Elijah go to sleep by 9pm?

Anonymous said...

Claire is going to be a cow. "Moo" is the only word she can say -- she says it when I ask "What does a cow say?" so it seemed appropriate. ;)

Stephanie said...

Such a fantastic imagination! Mr literal over here chose not to be a pirate, because he didn't want people to think there really were pirates...Shaun almost 'went there' till I gave him the evil eye.

Myrnie said...

Heh. Super Dorothy! I love it...drops houses on the bad 'uns AND shoots rainbows!

Jen said...

Oh, how completely adorable of her! I can't wait to see the pix.

Miss J

The Wades said...

I bet Doro-fee is a vision. So impressed how early you have her costume. You're way ahead of the procrastinating Wades.

How sweet that she has the bad guys go to sleep. So not violent of her.