Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Which She Doubts Herself

So now I'm nervous. Just found out that my Camp Komaroff partner in crime, April, will no longer be attending, due to some sort of automotive crisis.

Which means that I will have to walk into this throw-down alone. Can I hack it? What do you think, Dear Readers? CAN I HACK IT? Will I be standing in the corner all night, clutching my punch?

In happier news, I took myself shopping for some "You haven't seen me in almost 20 years, but feast your eyes" sartorial splendor yesterday, and I ended up buying the first dress I tried on. I think it's smashing without trying too hard. And then I found some of those black suede shoe-bootie things that are all the rage in US Weekly, so I can pretend I'm trendy and hip. I'm thinking of wearing them with fish nets. Too much?

So, the shopping went well, but my psyche is melting. I'm feeling 14 again. Can you bolster me up with a "Go get 'em, Tiger" type pep talk?


Jen said...

Oh, now now now. You are SAMANTHA GOLDSTEIN! Supermom. Poet. Humorist. Actress. Blogger extraordinaire. You are gorgeous and accomplished (you DO have Ph.D., remember?) and you have a divine husband and a beautiful, clever daughter.

You will slay them (especially in your new outfit). They will be lining up to offer you punch.

I can't wait to hear about it!

Miss J

Stephanie said...

Funny, (or not) how our fears mess with us...can I tell you something? From the outside, you appear to be anything BUT a wallflower! Standing in the corner clutching your punch?!?!? That is hysterical! Without a partner in crime, you will be free to flit about the party covering far more territory. You are charming and brave all on your own. You will be fabulous.

Show us the dress so we can vote on the fish do know that you will have to do you know what if you go that route tho~

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Stephanie: Sam as a wallflower. I can't even imagine that. Sam as introverted? Nope. Sam not knowing how to interact with people she kinda knows from way back. Doesn't make sense.

Sam looking totally smashing in her new outfit (with or without fishnets).




Aunt LoLo said...

*Insert Go Get Em, Tiger type pep-talk here*

Mama, you're going to have a BLAST.

But fishnets. I'm just sayin'.


Sam said...

Guys, you are AWESOME! You can't imagine how you made my day. :) Big, wet smooches to you. I do feel a bit more confident now. ;)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You're gonna dance, sing, schmooze, and behave like one thing's changed, and that thing is you KNOWING that you're one of the "10 Hottest Komaroff Girls." Have fun!

The Wades said...

I'd say you got the best comments EVER on this post. :) Made ME feel confident just reading 'em. Hope it was a blast.