Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jerry Seinfeld's Got Nothin' On Me

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and I gave him a call. After a bit of birthday-related chit-chat, he said:

Dad: I hear that you had a wonderful time on your vacation.

Sam: Yes, we did. It was really beautiful.

Dad: You know, your mother is a big fan of your blog.

Sam: (surprised, pleased) No, I didn't know that.

Dad: Oh yeah, she reads it all the time. Every day. She's your biggest fan, in fact.

Sam: My biggest fan. Hmmm.

(Suddenly I can hear my mother talking in the background.)

Mom: I read it sometimes. Every now and then. For the pictures.


Slowly but surely, we're inserting photos into the Idaho/Wyoming/Montana posts. So if you want to see what we were seeing in "My Own Private Idaho" and "Hay and Antlers," those are up now.

I took the photos of the anthropomorphic potatoes for obvious reasons, but the huckleberry products were a theme throughout our trip. Seems all three states (and who knows how many others?) claim the modest huckleberry as their State Berry. We saw jam, of course, but also salad dressing, shampoo, syrup, you name it. Also I adored the tidy little Idaho Falls gift shop, which was just a glass counter in the terminal without a soul within a 50 foot radius. I couldn't have bought those potatoes if I'd tried.

Amongst the photos of Jackson Hole, the most intriguing are the Arch of Antlers (apparently these are collected by local boy scouts on a regular basis) and the Thai Me Up restaurant. I think that wins for Best Use Of Word Play In An Asian Restaurant Name. Unless you want to contradict me, which is fine.

I snapped the landscape shots from the car window (as if you didn't know) between Idaho Falls and Jackson. As I mentioned, most of the fields had recently been harvested for hay.


erin said...

The only time my mom mentions my blog is when she complains about my housework not being done.

The irony being that it was done before I began blogging in the morning and was undone while I was reading and crocheting.


I like your parents, they are after all sort of my parents...right?...well...

Sam said...

They're honest, anyway, aren't they, Sis? Which I guess is how we ended up the way we are. ;)

The Wades said...

I'm so behind with all these masterpieces to read! Ahhhh. I'll catch up--in November!!! Darn pumpkins.

Your mama should be impressed. You are such a treat. (and one usually w/out pictures.) ;)

Aunt LoLo said...

Three words: What The Pho, in Bellevue, WA.

Never liked the name...and their pho wasn't even that great!