Thursday, July 30, 2009

Viva La Difference

This morning, I had a massage with my "regular" gal. I put that in quotes because she's often booked by the time I think to make an appointment, so I actually haven't seen her in several months. I'm lying on the table getting comfortable and she says:

"Did you just come from yoga?"

I wasn't sure why she asked that. I got a little self-conscious that I might be sort of damp, because I had just gotten out of the shower.

"No." I'm experimenting with what it's like to answer questions "yes" or "no" without automatic disclaimers. It feels really weird.

"Oh. Have you been working out?"

Now I was really self-conscious. She must be grossed out by my wet hair or something.

"Um, I just came from the gym? And I had a shower? And maybe...?"

She interrupted. "I can tell you've been working out. Your body is...different."

She couldn't see me smiling, but I was. Different? I like that. It sounded appropriate, coming from a massage therapist.

"Yeah, well, I've lost a bunch of weight. I notice it when I'm having a massage because my bones...are closer to the surface."

We both giggled crazily. And then we both went back to our business--she with the massaging, and me with the deep breathing and relaxing.

Here's what I was thinking, though. "I just got a really amazing compliment from someone I hardly ever see, who noticed my body is 'different' just by FEELING it, and now she's also going to rub oil on me for an hour? Did I just win the psychic lottery or what?"

That's what I was thinking.


Stephanie said...

Sometimes the best compliments are the unexpected ones. Savor it my friend.

Calvin said...

Did I inspire you to be less superfluous? It works for me. If you don't like it, you can always switch back. It's awesome that you did that though.

Sam said...

@Steph: Thanks, lovey. :)

@Calvin: Yeah, that might have been you. When does it stop feeling weird? Maybe I'm missing the necessary link in my DNA. ;)

Aunt LoLo said...

Atta girl. ;-) Makin' Aunt LoLo proud.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

First: I'm so inspired by you.

Second: I'm experimenting with what it's like to answer questions "yes" or "no" without automatic disclaimers.

This second thing? It is possible? I never knew that. Wow. The stuff I learn watching TV and reading blogs never ceases to amaze.

erin said...

I totally have to get more into the gym/massage thing. Running with Olivia and the Wii and taking two minute hot showers while the kids are sitting in the bathroom waiting for me to get done is just not cutting it for my weight loss/image improving.

Mary said...

Dear Sam,

You look great! What a nice way to get a compliment.




Jen said...

Congratulations on both fronts, dearie! More than anyone else, your massage therapist knows what's what.

So I do hope you basked in that compliment for a good, long time.

Miss J