Monday, July 06, 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar

Jarrah enjoys sprinkles as an afternoon snack. Not baked goods with sprinkles. Just sprinkles, a la carte. I shake them on to a plate and she eats them with a wet finger. Feel free to find that disgusting. I'll just be over here, smug in the knowledge there is much worse I'm NOT telling you. (And I do have a rationalization, wanna hear it? Sprinkles have only 25 calories per serving. And are packed with vitamins and minerals.)

We have a lot of sprinkles, from my various cupcake experiments. I like the multi-colored discs shaped like dinosaurs and leaves and hearts. Those are extra-yummy to me. Mmm, crunchy. (Yes, I occasionally join my daughter in a plate of sprinkles.) But not Jarrah. No, ma'am. Let her tell you why:

Jarrah: Mommy, I've had a two hour nap.

Sam: That was exactly two seconds.

Jarrah: I've had my two hour nap and I'm ready for my snack.

Sam: What's your snack?

Jarrah: Sprinkles. But not the big, colorful ones. Only the little ones. The big ones taste too plain for me. You know why?

Sam: Tell me.

Jarrah: Well, it's 'cause I growed up. When you grow up, your tastes change. Now I only like the little ones. That's what the little bumps are telling me.

Sam: The little bumps?

Jarrah: The little bumps on my tongue. They're called taste buds. They tell me I can't have the big ones anymore.

Sam: Good thing you're getting such clear messages. All right, let's go get some of the little ones.

Jarrah: And hit the back. More comes out when you hit the back.


Myrnie said...

smart kid! And hey- Ernie and BBJ have STRONG traditions of eating sprinkles. In fact...I bet a dollar to a button that Aunt LoLo is going to tell you that BBJ saved up her coins last week just to go the store and get her very OWN bucket o' jimmies. ('cuz in CT, apparently they're called jimmies and it's impossible to purchase less than 2 cups at a time.) om nom nom!

Anonymous said...

Way back, when I was a child just about Jarrah's age, my dad treated once or twice to "Bread, Butter, and Sugar". Made the afternoon a whole lot better. Keep that one in your back pocket for a rainy day :-)

The Wades said...

I will forever think of you when looking at a jar of sprinkles.

"Feel free to find that disgusting. I'll just be over here, smug in the knowledge there is much worse I'm NOT telling you." Hee hee

Aunt LoLo said...

Hey! Myrnie beat me to it. Heh...yeah, there's a blog post coming. Probably next week. I'm trying to get ahead. ;-)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

She's brilliant. But you know that.

Mary said...

I have a tiny little "gumball" machine that was in my dollhouse as a child. It is filled with my favorite kind of sprinkles, the round rainbow crunchy ones. I can barely pass up a cake donut with those sprinkled on top!