Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ah, Summer!

Couple of summery updates:

I am starting rehearsals for a new show tonight. Yes, already. This one is Moliere's La Mariage Force, so at least the writing is going to be awesome. I will be doing my very best to make the part of "Second Gypsy" worth the price of a ticket. Which is free. So bring your lawn chairs and picnics and wine down to Liberty Station in August (not sure when yet) and check us out. Our director has promised a family-friendly show (though I can't guarantee that wee ones won't be bored out of their skulls.) Guess this means the line "Be gone, ignorant sluts!" (directed at me) will be cut?

Jarrah seems to be enjoying summer camp at the YMCA. I say "seems" because I really have no idea what she does there all day, but she is extremely sweaty and smelling of chlorine when I pick her up. She has not incriminated any teachers or children by using their names, and when I ask about pee-wee sports, arts and crafts, spirit day or any of the other advertised attractions, she always responds "We don't do that. We never do that." Apparently, they are just eating lunch and playing at the park for seven hours. Which I suppose could be true, and evidently is not killing her. The one thing she wants to talk about is the snow cone they get on Fridays, so I hear a lot of "Is it Friday yet?"

Yesterday I taught my third kidlet dance class, and thanks to all your suggestions, it was a'ight. Which is not to say that my resistant little friend was any more into it, but my attitude was better because I was mentally prepared, and that made all the difference.

I tried two new things thanks to you-all: the first was making him my little helper. You'd think some of you were experienced PARENTS of children, for pete's sake, the way you suggested this idea, and the way (like buttah) it worked. He was all about being my helper, and even made it clear to the other children that distributing and collecting was HIS JOB, which was really cute.

I also brought in a big box of instruments, and we had fun shaking maracas to "Fruit Salad Salsa" and ringing jingle bells with "Banana Phone" (seeing the theme?) But the really inspired moment occurred to me as I was saying it. I saw bean bags in the box, and heard myself say "Hey guys, we're going to play a game with bean bags." As these words hit the air, my brain was echoing "And what sort of game will that be, Sam? Hmmm?" Here's what I said, and I swear I was making it up as I spoke:

"Throw the bean bag as far as you can, and then run to it as fast as you can. When you get there, face us and do a move or pose that we have to copy." The throwing was a hit, the running was a hit, and even the posing was a hit. True, my little friend chose to turn around and shake his butt at us EVERY time, but hey, I'm all for a little booty-shaking among friends.

So, thanks. You guys had my back.


Myrnie said...

Fabulous! All, so fabulous :) Have fun with your play, and I'm glad your booty-shakin' little helper is having more fun :)

erin said...

Success! I'm cheering silently for you because the baby is sick, covered in snot and passed out on the couch.

katydidnot said...

yes! that was my exact experience with the y camps. what the freaking heck do they do all day?

The Wades said...

Glad to be of service. Did I ever tell you I used to be a teacher? (Before my early retirement.) I'm much better in theory than in practice.

I love Jarrah and how you bring her to life for us.

Anonymous said...

What happens when husband's steal your id for internet communications!
I did not write 'about time' and nor would I be so rude to do so as I must confess I am still very poor at texting. John has long been a convert.

Mary said...

Summertime and the living is easy!