Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Odds n' Ends

I'm in a mood to post, but have no particular topic burning in my brain. But has that ever stopped me before? Say it with me: Naaaaah.

All The World's A Stage

I'm feeling better about the whole thing. That has a lot to do with our amazing director, who is very young but totally on the ball. She has a little schedule printed up each week, with our activities in 15-minute increments. Peeking over at this makes me feel all warm inside--a girl after my own heart. And we're playing really fun games. This week, we had to go up on stage alone and tell an off-the-cuff story from childhood involving a location. I totally got off on that, though I'm not going to tell you what I chose in case my mom is reading this. ;) And we're really workin' that script. One of my lines is "Great idea!" We tried it about five different ways. I tell you, if there is humor to be had from this thing, she is going to wring it out like a kitchen sponge.

"It's Really Up To The Wife."

On Saturday, David found out that his car is not long for this world. Which is not a huge surprise, since it's 11 years old and has 200,000 miles on it. But (can you relate?) it's not good timing. We headed over to Carmax, where we'd never been, and heard a lot about Hyundais from our helpful guide, Tony. David test-drove one while Jarrah and I hung out in the playroom (and I marveled that I should have a need for a playroom at a car showroom) but I could tell he was feeling it was Not His Father's Hyundai (by which I mean, it was.) He really wants a Prius, but has been crushed to learn that it's really not appropriate for all-freeway driving. Basically, we're looking for something cheap, safe and minimally polluting, so if you have any suggestions, let's hear 'em.

Live Long and Prosper

David and I saw Star Trek Sunday night. I was, surprisingly, sort of looking forward to it, even though the last Star Trek movie I saw was about humpback whales in space. I can't say it was the best action movie EVER--there was already too much hype for that; same thing happened when I finally saw Ghostbusters--but I enjoyed it. Especially Zachary Quinto as Spock. He was sort of mesmerizing. Then there was an earthquake in the middle. I felt my chair rumbling and thought "Wow, this is so realistic." Then it didn't stop, and I kind of freaked and thought we should go right home to check on Jarrah. David said it wasn't very big, though. Considering he comes from a land that is not riddled with faultlines, he's very blase about our unstable earth.

Can I Have Them Removed?

I mean, do I really need sinuses? What are they good for? I haven't been able to breathe in several days now. I want another one of those magic shots. I tried some Claritin, finally (only a half pill) and it did sort of work, but my heart raced like I was about to bungee jump over a waterfall in New Zealand. That did not seem good. What should I do?

"I Don't Want A Snack."

That's what Jarrah said when I picked her up Monday afternoon, and how I knew something must be horribly awry. She then proceeded to put herself down for a three-hour nap. Obviously, I kept her home from school on Tuesday. Somehow we have started a tradition of "mommy and me movie morning" when she is not feeling well. This time, we went to see Hannah Montana: The Movie. Neither of us was previously acquainted with Miss Montana. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it up. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't get all emotional when Miley comes to her best friend's Sweet 16 as Hannah, and Jarrah said "Wha' happened? Why she sad?" and I whispered (through the lump in my throat!) "She's sad because her friend showed up at her party as a rock star, and Lily wanted to be the only rock star on her birthday." Jarrah loved the movie, too, and afterwards kept exclaiming "She's Hannah and Miley--both!" I told her to keep her voice down and not spoil the secret for everyone else. (Just kidding.)

In hindsight, perhaps it was unwise to move directly from the movie--accompanied by a bag o' candy and an electric blue slushie for my little friend--to the carousel (Jarrah has always called it the "care-of-self") and let Jarrah talk me into "the swirly-whirly" tea cup. That way, we were whipping around in a little circle while already traveling in a circle, and it definitely messed me up. Jarrah was fine until right after, when she moaned "My tummy hurts" and we made it to the bathroom just in time. Oops. That was the end of that outing. After her three-hour nap, though, she was right as rain, and ready to go back to school today.


LunaMoonbeam said...

Awww...your date with J sounds awesome!

We've got a Honda Fit, for what it's worth, and we love it. Favorite part - the SPACE. Yiu can fold the seats down and fot a kayak inside. Or a llama.

Not at the same time, though.

Myrnie said...

(Note: Aunt Lolo has neither a kayak NOR a llama. But her car seats look like space ships, and they both fit in the back seat :o)

Sounds like a fun morning while it lasted! Next time I feel ill, can I come to your house? :)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Electric blue barf? Awesome.

Did you check out the Pontiac Vibe? I like them a lot. Kristen has one. It is roomy inside, easy on the gas, and cute. IMHO.

DrSpouse said...

Well, you could have bought our car for a reasonable price a month ago!

(It was a Nissan Versa, by the way, and we liked it a lot).

Unknown said...

And just WHY is the Prius not appropriate for all-freeway driving? I have a 2005, which I barely ever drive as a "city car," and I average 47 mpg. What's terrible about that? And it's a roomy bugger, too.

C'mon, let him have the Pious, mom!

erin said...

We're dealing without a second car right now while we're saving to buy a new one outright. Jeremiah hates credit.
But other than wanting a car super badly...I know nothing about them. So I'm absolutely positively no help in that regard whatsoever.