Monday, May 04, 2009

Must I Hear About This Already?

On the way home from school today (rife with opportunity for this sort of thing, in case you haven't noticed) Jarrah announced:

J: Mom? When I grow up and have babies, I'm going to need a husband.

S: You don't need one, but some people find it nice to have one.

J: Why?

S: For company.

J: Well, I think I'm going to marry Nathan.

S: Okay. That's a good choice.

J: Or maybe not. Because I think I have to marry David. (Note: There's nothing Oedipal going on here; David is an adorable boy in her class.)

S: Why David?

J: Because I like his looks.

S: (thunderstruck) Now who taught you to say a thing like that???

J: Amelia.

S: I see. And who will Amelia be marrying?

J: She'll marry Julian, and Sophie will marry Devin. Because we all have to marry a boy from our class.

S: Well, there's plenty of time to think about this.

J: Why?

S: Because you're a little young to be thinking about marriage. (When did I become Grandpa Walton?)

J: Why?

S: Most people are considerably older than four when they get married. So there's no rush in deciding.

J: Well, I'm going to need a husband for my babies.

S: Yeah, there's no rush on that, either.


erin said...

When it's a boy and his mother it's Oedipal, when it's a girl and her father it's an Electra complex.
Know we know
...and knowing is half the battle, GI JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremiah and I aren't married and I'm not sure if the kids get it. Olivia (the redhead) always asks if she can throw flowers when we get married so she has some kind of idea of what's going on.
Rose corrects people when they call Jeremiah her 'step-dad' which used to hurt his feelings until she informed him that step-dads are always mean anyway...

Amanda said...

hahaha! That little one of yours makes me laugh, and laugh.

She is way ahead of her time!

Stephanie said...

Just think of all the time you will have to chat on your upcoming road trip! Glad I'm not alone in conversations I'm not entirely ready for!

Mary said...

Yep! Our conversation on Friday night was about "where babies get their skeletons and brains and who makes them anyway?"

I just wish I knew when those questions were coming!



p.s. Please send me a "Save the Date" for any and all upcoming nuptials!

Myrnie said...

haha- kids have the best plans for their futures :) Ernie told me tonight that she's going to grow up to be a Mommy just like me, and then she's going to be a little girl again "just like my name!" (So, she won't be Ernie when she's a Mommy? She'll have to be a little girl to be herself?)

Of course, she also plans on being a Daddy when she grows up. And possibly a chicken.

Aunt LoLo said...

Hahahaha....raise 'em up right, and you won't have much to worry about "in your old age". LOL I hope, when mine get married, I breathe a sigh of relief instead of a moan of despair!

Jen said...

Oh, my. I shudder to think what my life would be like if that were really a rule--that you had to marry a boy from your class!

What a hilarious conversation!

Miss J