Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Keeping The World Safe From The Jurassic Threat

Jarrah is very into super-heroes at the moment. She identifies with Spider Man and Batman and talks incessantly about them "slaying" people. (I'm not even sure how she knows who they are.) I tell her in no uncertain terms that they do not slay anybody, and that she's getting them confused with Buffy (and guess whose fault that is?)

Lately, she's been telling us that Batman has a sidekick named..."Irma-Tormin." Actually, I have no idea what his name is, but that's what it sounds like. David and I listen politely while we eat our dinner and periodically ask gently: "Irma-Tormin?" to which she instantly responds "NO! Irma-Tormin! IR-MA-TOR-MIN!" with a noisy sigh like we are total idiots and deaf, too. Clearly, we are mishearing this sidekick's name...any thoughts, Readers? Too many syllables for Robin, at any rate.

She also has a renewed interest in dinosaurs...as dangerous predators who are currently stalking the earth.

J: Mommy? What if a dinosaur chases you, and gobbles you up, and then gobbles Daddy up?

S: That would be very sad. Would you miss us?

J: I would save you!

S: Thank you!

J: But what if the dinosaur gobbled me up, too?

S: Then we're really in trouble.

J: No, I would save myself! And then save you!

S: Oh, that's a relief!

J: Mommy? Why do dinosaurs gobble people up?

S: I guess they're hungry. But you don't have to worry about that, because there are no dinosaurs.

J: Yes, there are. They're real.

S: Yeah, but...not right now. A long time ago.

J: Not that long.

S: Okay, but long enough that we can feel pretty sure that we won't get gobbled up this week.

J: And if you do, I will save you.

S: Ummm...right.


Stephanie said...

She is a busy girl, what with planning weddings, babies and saving the world and all!

Anonymous said...

Uma Thurman plays in a Batman Movie . . .

Sam said...

Anon! That is eerie! And you're right! :)

Amanda said...

haha! My littles are obsessed with Scooby-Doo so they think there is always a mystery and a monster hiding somewhere!

Myrnie said...

What a gal! :o)

We get enough death and destruction from Disney and Bible to keep our little one talking...I can't imagine what she'd do with SUPERHEROES :)

Anonymous said...

Irma Tormin? Automaton??

Just a guess! Loving the blogs as usual.


Jen said...

I think Uma Thurman is it! Try that out on her and see what she says. I want to know!

You will have to get her a cape.

Miss J

Marlene said...

It's no wonder Jarrah is a superhero. Look at her mom. It's like living the Incredibles.

Lisa Gillespie said...

Hi Sam!

Jarrah's Irma-Tormin is reminding me of Anton's Jennifer Gringus (which James managed to decode--it is actually General Grievous from Star Wars). I much preferred Jennifer Gringus :-)

Anton is really in to Spiderman and Batman right now too---I will let you know if I figure out who Irma-Tormin is ;-)

Hope you all had a great time at the wedding!!

Love, Lisa :-)