Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh, B-have!

Jarrah is having a little problem. She only knows a few words, see, and each time she learns a new one, it messes her up. One of her first words was "ball." Then she added "bubble" after a particularly memorable afternoon. These are both extremely important words describing daily necessities, so they get a lot of use. Then we started saying "bottle" to her. That threw her. Bottle? It sounds like bubble. Okay, then. When it's time for her milk, she asks for "bubble." Then we went to a birthday party and there were lots and lots of balloons. "Balloon!" I shouted. Balloon? Ball-oon? BALL-oon? She's also been crowing at the sky every time one of those wing-ed beasts happens by. "That's a bird!" I tell her. Bird? BURD? BURDLE? Today when we went in the back yard to water the plants, she spotted one of her balls, the cool one with the nobbly bits. "Bubble!" she announced. "Ball!" I "repeated." I try not to correct her. "Balloon!" she said. A bird buzzed our towers. "Bubble!" she screamed with glee.

Readers, the letter of the day is becoming (get it? B-coming?) the letter of the month. And it's the bee's knees in Jarrah's book.

Book! Bookle!

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Karol said...

That is way too cute to be a "problem." How darling!