Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Just Work Here

Jarrah and I at "My Gym" last week. Jarrah careens past a mom who is sitting with her son on the trampoline.

"Is she your daughter?"


"She looks nothing like you!"

"I know."

"And you want to know why?"


"Because she looks exactly like her father! Am I right?"

"I expect you are."

"You want to know something?"


"Little girls ALWAYS look like their fathers. It's just a fact."


"Still, though, it's amazing. She gets absolutely nothing from you!"

"Yup. Absolutely nothing."


Alleen said...

People's brashness never ceases to amaze me. You handled it well.

Someone the other day said to DH: "Wow. She looks like she could actually be your daughter". He replied, "Well, she is..."

Type (little) a said...

Well, my daughter looks just like her father, so IT MUST be true!

People are jerks, yo.

Martha said...

It's amazing at the number of people that lack a self-edit feature.

I call it 'Diarrhea of the Mouth' disease.

Anonymous said...

People such as this are simply unaware that they are actually SPEAKING OUT LOUD. No, the ideas are not just rolling around aimlessly inside their "brains" but have actually formed sound waves and are spilling forth from their pie-holes. I think this is one for the laminated card, for sure.

Incidentally (and just to add validity to this person's theory) Sam got a comment two weeks ago from a woman who said that Ruby was the spitting image of him. She was serious. I.Q. deficient but serious nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What unbelievable cheek! Still, you handled it like a pro. :) Liz

Melanie said...

Hi! I live in Chongqing (foreign teacher) and I stumbled across your blog. What an incredible journey! You have a beautiful daughter. Although I think of myself as being quite a few years away from seriously considering motherhood, it's still very moving to hear your story. Now I know what all of the foreign couples are doing buying all of the strollers in the nice supermarkets!
Do you know if the orphanages accept volunteers?

Anonymous said...

Do you think that woman can even SPELL clue ?

Andrew (& Martha)